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They're biting

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They're biting

A multitude of fishing opportunities in magnificent nature.

Whether fun fishing with your children, fishing from the bank or on a trolling boat, you can enjoy a rich array of angling opportunities with around 1,000 lakes to choose from. Our large, deep and cold lakes are perfect for trolling or you can go fly fishing in one of our small forest tarns. Perch and pike predominate, but there are also plenty of char and trout to try for.

Fishing all year round

The fishing season extends all year here. In winter, ice fishing in particular is very popular, mainly for pike and perch, but you can also catch char and trout in certain waters.

Fishing licence

I alla våra sjöer krävs det fiskekort för att få fiska. Fiskekorten köper du enklast digitalt på

Fishing licences that cant be bought online:

Holmedalsjön, Leif Olsson, 070-587 37 51
Krontjärn, Gulf, Töcksfors, 0573-212 00
Västra Karlanda, Ove Andersson, 070-655 20 14

Fiskekartan - The fishing map

The Årjäng fishing map gives you a very good overview of the fishing waters in the area together with all the information you need to find your particular dream fish.

Fishing tips

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