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Upplev vår natur till fots!

Experience nature at your own pace and in the way that suits you. Walk to your heart’s content from your hotel base, take a sculpture stroll from the town centre to the art college, or embark on a get away from it all adventure in a unique and unspoilt nature reserve.

The countryside in and around Årjäng is made for leisurely strolling and hectic hiking all year round. You can walk along the historic refugee trails between Sweden and Norway, check out the stone man Borgåsgubben and his stone wife in Blomskog, catch Tegen Nature Reserve in all its magnificent spring time glory, or explore forest hiking trails in Glaskogens naturreservat.

Glaskogen Nature Reserve

Glaskogen is the largest nature reserve in Värmland. This 28,000 hectare wilderness forest has 300 km of trails and countless lakes waiting to be discovered by you. Lakes cover one fifth of the surface area of this nature reserve that ranges from 110 to 300 metres above sea level. You can go for shorter circular walks or set off on a week-long trip with overnight stays in shelters, cabins or campsites.

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