Register your event

Are you planning an event, maybe a concert or exhibition? Send the details to us and we will publish the event in our eventcalender.

Använd formuläret nedan för att förmedla ditt evenemang till oss. Vi marknadsför ditt evenemang kostnadsfritt här på hemsidan, och informationen kan kommer att marknadsföras i olika trycksaker, i utskick till media i sociala medier med mera.

For your event to be eligible for promotion it must:

  • be registered at the latest the Thursday the week before the event begins. Some dispatches may be sent earlier, the earlier the better.
  • take place in Arvika Municipality 
  • be open for the general public.
  • be interesting to visitors of Arvika
  • not be of religious or party political character. (with an exception of the churches musicalevents and events aimed towards visitors)  
  • not be a course/education which requires participation on several occasions.
  • have a short description

Events which don't follow the criteria won't be published. Arvika Tourist Information Centre has the right to make changes in any texts sent to us.

Keep in mind:

  • Your event will be more visible and promoted better if you attach an image. The image should be horizontal and have a minimum size of 640 x 480 pixels. The image is visible at 335 pixels in height.
  • By sending us information about your event you consent to Arvika Tourist Information Centre distributing the information to a third party and the information being used to promote Arvika as a tourist attraction.

Register your event

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