Discover Arvika

Discover Arvika with a canoe

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Discover Arvika with a canoe

Sakta glider kanoten genom vattnet förbi ett fält av näckrosor… De enda ljud som hörs är paddeln som bryter vattenytan och fåglarna som fyller luften med sång. Det är få aktiviteter som är så rogivande som att uppleva naturen med kanot - och här i Arvika finns ca 800 km av fina kanotleder att upptäcka!

You can choose to begin you canoetrip in Arvika, where there are trips for everyone - from beginners to more advanced canoeists. If you are interested in long trips you can begin on the Norwegian side of the border and make your way to Glaskogen Nature reserve and Arvika. If you enjoy the wilderness then Glaskogen is perfect with its breathtaking nature and beautiful lakes. There are also many resting spots, windshelters and cabins scattered around the nature reserve. If you prefer less water then Kölaälven is great because of it´s twisty streams through the countryside and woodlands - all in a calm tempo.

Rent a Canoe

Would you like to rent a canoe and get advice on the best trips? Contact one of out professional canoerentals in Arvika that can inform you, give you inspiration and rent canoes and other equipment to you. You can begin your trip from the Canoecentre or they can transport you canoe to your desired starting point.

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Arvika Canoe and Touristcentre
Phone number: +46(0)570-182 45

Arvika Adventures. (only kayak)
Phone number: +46(0)70-576 58 74

Sandvikengården (also kayak)
Phone number: +46(0)570-500 25

Treens Camping
Phone number: +46(0)570-216 66
+46(0)72-747 78 89 (Johan)
+46(0)70-791 67 81 (Jennie) 

Guesthouse Eleven
Phone number: +46(0)570-216 66

Glaskogen (also kayak)
Phone number: +46(0)570-440 70