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Unique accommodation

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Roya Sarvestani

Unique accommodation

In this article we recommend four special accommodations in Arvika which all guarantee a unique overnight stay.

Happie Camp

Happie Camp offers luxury accommodation in a glamping tent. You stay at a calm and specially choosen place in Arvika's beautyful surroundings, but enjoy a comfortable stay. The Camp is equipped with everything you need for an extraordinary experience. Bring your own food or buy Happie Camp's food bag when booking.

Foto: Roger Borgelid


At the local heritage centre in Brunskog you can sleep in an old coaler's hud - really something special! Prepare your own coffee at the fire place, sleep on a bed made of spruce twigs and enjoy the beautiful nature at lake Värmeln.

Treehouse – Sandvikengården

Sleep in the top of a tree at Sandvikengården in Edane. A small suspension bridge leads you to the small cottage upon the tree. Here you are on your own and can enjoy the view. There is room for 2 persons and WC and shower are in the sanitary building. At Sandvikengården you can hire canoe and there is a sauna and restaurant.

Shelter - Glaskogens Nature Reserve

Sleep (almost) among a clear sky in the wilderness of Glaskogens Nature Reserve. A very simple sleeping place, but a very special experience. The nature reserve offers 300 km of hiking trails, deep forests and many lakes. With the Glaskogen visitor card you have access to all shelters, fire wood and all other facilities in the nature reserve. There are also simple cottages in the area where you can stay on a bed of spruce twigs or a simple wooden bed.

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