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Vandra i Glaskogens Naturreservat

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Erik Danielsson

Vandra i Glaskogens Naturreservat

Gör som ca 30 000 andra naturälskare - upptäck Värmlands största vandringsdestination Glaskogen! Det är ganska otroligt att så många hittar till ett avsides skogsområde i Västra Värmland, men det är inte svårt att förstå varför de stannar. Glaskogen är ett eldorado för naturälskaren!

Ger från Holland har vandrat i Glaskogen i 20 år

En av Glaskogens många återkommande gäster, Ger Sanders från Nederländerna, säger så här om Glaskogen: ”Ända sedan min pojkvän och jag åkte till Glaskogen första gången under vår semester 2004 har Glaskogen erövrat våra hjärtan. En lugn plats mitt i en underbar natur. Under åren har vi sett många älgar och bävrar under våra kanotturer och vi har även sett örnar och en gång såg vi ett lodjur! Glaskogen är också en utmärkt plats för vandring. Varje år spenderar vi 4 veckor i Sverige. Och nästan varje år besöker vi Glaskogen, eftersom det är en favoritplats för oss.”

Fakta om naturreservatet

  • Här finns över 30 mil vandringsleder!
  • Naturreservatet är hela 28 000 hektar stort.
  • Raststugor och vindskydd utrustade med ved finns utspridda över hela naturreservatet.
  • Lenungshammar är hjärtat i naturreservatet. Här kan du hyra kanot, cykel och roddbåt.

Alla vandringsleder är tydligt märkta så att det är lätt att hitta.

Vandra över stock och sten (eller sjö).

Dammarna är en av Glaskogens vackraste platser att upptäcka.

Wildlife camping

In Lenungshammar there is one of only two wildlife campings in all of Sweden. Here you will find campervans spread out in woods awell as experiencing the feeling of being completely secluded in the middle of nature. If you look between the trees you might be able to spot a neighbour a little way a way. This will give you the exciting feeling of wildlife camping whilst still keep you feeling safe.

At the camping there are 63 caravans sites with electricity and apx. 50 tent sites which are situated next to a little pond close to the Informationcentre. For those who wish to stay a little more comfortably there are simple cabins aswell as cabins equipt with modern appliances. Read more in our article abour Glaskogens camping.


Du hittar flera fina utsiktsplatser i naturreservatet.

Glaskogen card

When you visit Glaskogen you will need to purchase a GlaskogencardThe card gives you free access to windshelters, cabins, fireplaces with wood and toilets and more of what Glaskogen has to offer. The money that you spend on the card will go directly back into the reserve and it's maintenance so that it can remain one of Swedens beautiful hiking destinations! The card is free for children 16 and under!
The Glaskogencard can be purchased amongst other places at Arvika Tourist Information Centre, the Infocenter and Lenungshammar and on Glaskogens website.

Priser Glaskogskort

Daycard (8 hours) 50 SEK
24 hour card 80 SEK
3 day card 200 SEK
Week card 480 SEK
Year card 800 SEK Family card 1600 SEK

Hyr kanot i Lenungshammar

Det finns många fina kanotleder i naturreservatet.

Canoes, bikes and boats

If you want to discover Glaskogen by water then you should rent a canoe or a boat at Lenungshammar. In the reserve there are many pretty canoe routes that will impress even the most experienced of canoeists. The canoes are available to rent for a couple of hours or a few days. Included in the price to rent a canoe is a canoe trailer, paddles, life vests, sponges and a spade. It is also possible to rent extra equipment and also arrange lifts to a desired location for a price. Rowing boats can be rented for 6h, 24h or a week.

The small gravel roads in the nature reserve are perfect for biking and give cyclists the advantage to experience the surrounding nature when you bike along the lakes (Please consider that the hiking trails are designated only for hikers). The Informationcenter in Lenungshammar has mountain bikes which are especially adjusted for the gravel roads.

Read more about the canoes, bikes and boats in Glaskogen on their homepage by clicking on Experience or click on the button below.


To fish in Glaskogen you will need to acquire a fishing card. There is a card designated for the over 80 lakes and ponds in and around the reserve. During the winters you can still fish by jigging. At the information center in Lenungshammar there is equipment to purchase. There is also a fishing pier adapted for people living with disabilities at lake Lilla Rämmingen.

You can purchase the fishing card amongst other places at Arvika Tourist Information Centre, the Informationcenter at Lenungshammar, on Glaskogens homepage and via

Species of Fish: amongst other species there are pike, perch, pikeperch, salmon, herring, char fish, burbot, whitefish, carp, smelt and eel.

Stora Gla

Det finns en mängd sjöar i naturreservatet. Den största är Stora Gla.

Café Carl

In the newly built Café Carl on Herrgårdsbacken in Lenungshammar you can throughout the summers eat and enjoy the amazing atmosphere, either in front of the fireplace on a rainy day or outdoors in the sunshine. The café is situated walking distance from the camp site and informationcenter, so trip usually becomes a daily occurrence for most of the reserves visitors.

One of Glaskogens most popular trails The nature and culture path also begins here and is perfect for those on the hunt for a short and sweet trip and those with buggies. During the autumn of 2017 H.R.H Crownprincess Victoria visited Glaskogen for one of her hikes through Sweden and walked this very trail. The trail is approximately 5 km long and has several infopoints that explain the geological and historic sights along the path.


The nature reserve is run by the Glaskogen Foundation and consists of the 4 Foundationmunicipalities Arvika, Eda, Säffle and Årjäng, as well as Lenungshammar which is the heart of the reserve. In lenungshammar there is also a Informationcenter, a beautiful fildlife campinf as well as a camping ground, canoe rentals, Café Carl and a service/convenience shop.

Glaskogen is home to many old remnants, ancient monuments such as settlements from the stone ages and traps that are spread out in the nature reserve. During the 1600s many Finish people came to Sweden took over a part of the country. They cleared a lot of the land with help from slash-and burn agriculture this is why a big part of Glaskogen is called "Finnskogen". Glaskogen is also known for its labour traditions in the shape of several iron and coppersmiths as well as a sawmill. At lake Stora Gla a glassfactory called Glava Glasbruk was built during the 1850s. The glass became very famous and can be viewed today in it's own museum.

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