Cycling between two countries

Total length

250 km

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Vill du cykla i två länder med en spännande och varierad natur i ett område rikt på naturnära upplevelser är Unionsleden ett utmärkt val.

Your cycling trip starts at the Oslofjord in Moss, Norway and ends in Karlstad, which is located at Sweden's largest lake, Lake Vänern. The track is named after the union of Sweden and Norway between 1814 and 1905, which was established in Moss and ended in Karlstad, just like the bike track. Since the end of the union, we have continued to be good neighbours with much exchange across the border.

A diverse landscape

When you cycle the Unionsleden you will be struck by the beautiful and varied landscape. One moment you're cycling through villages, the next along one of our many lakes. You will cycle on winding gravel roads through forests and open landscapes with grazing animals. The area is rich in wildlife with moose, deer, fox and many other animals that may appear along the way. You are never far from a refreshing swim or a beautiful viewpoint where you can have your picnic.

Experiences along the Unionsleden

Along Unionsleden, there are many attractions that are linked to its history. But there are also art galleries, a whisky distillery and farm shops along the route. If you want a break from cycling, there are plenty of activities close to nature, like boat trips or canoeing, or why not try your hand at fishing on the Dalsland Canal or in the Halden Vassdraget river system. A hike or a visit to Dalslands Aktiviteter which has treetop climbing trails, horseback riding and a moose park also comes highly recommended. You will find more experiences along the Unionsleden as well as digital maps of all routes on unionsleden.com. unionsleden.com.

Food and sleep

When travelling, it is important to sleep and eat well. Unionsleden is divided into suitable daily stages, there are usually places to stop for lunch, and otherwise your accommodation can send lunch packs. Enjoy a good night's sleep in a hotel, manor house or glass house, and even a train hotel is waiting for you with a comfortable bed and a good dinner after a day on the bike. Our accommodations are “Bicycle Friendly Accommodations”, which means they have been adapted to be extra welcoming to cyclists.


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