The river Klarälven is the “artery” of Värmland. The river flows from the mountains in Härjedalen in the north all the way to Karlstad in the south.

Klarälven is the southernmost of our great north Swedish rivers. It starts in Härjedalen's mountains, passes the Lake Rogen, crosses the border to Norway and flows through the lakes Femunden and Isteren, continues southwards and returns to the Swedish area in the north of Värmland. The river then flows like an artery through the landscape, from Långflon in the north to Karlstad in the south.

Because of its central location and strength, Klarälven has gained a dominant role in Värmland’s industry sector. In the past, lakes and streams formed the natural communication routes. Although only a few Stone Age discoveries are found in the northern part of Värmland, it is assumed that the first colonists have followed the river to the north where the first village was built.

In the 19th century, Klarälven began to have another important function which was to transport timber and iron to the south, and today Klarälven is one of the country's top floatways.

Klarälven's role for the industry of Värmland is, however, primarily in the power industry. A large number of rapids and waterfalls in both the main river and the tributaries have already been expanded, thus making an important contribution to the industrial development.

The landscape along the river Klarälven

Värmland and the landscape along the river Klarälven is water, soil and forest. The land is old but the humans came late. You can see signs from the old ages everywhere that tells us about the life from before. 

Through the years the river Klarälven and its tributaries have been used for transports and communcation. The river gave people livelihoods, defense and recreation. They learned how to use the power of the water but at first they had problems to tame the river so the oldest cultural relics are found along the tributaries of the river.

Värmland is a landscape of forests where almost 75% of the area is woodland. The agriculture along with the forestry are important primary industries in Värmland even if the cultured area has reduced with 25% during the 20th century

Facts Klarälven

The southernmost of our north Swedish rivers.
About 460 kilometer long in total.
Ends in Lake Vänern.
Trafficked by timber rafts between Branäs and Edebäck.
Used for hydroelectricity.