Klarälvsbanans project history

Klarälvsbanan was developed in various steps and projects.

The different stretches and years

Deje-Forshaga, opened in 2000.
Forshaga-Karlstad, opened in 2002.
Forshaga up to Munkfors municipality, opened in 2003-2004.
Munkfors-Uddeholm, the last stretch was done autumn 2005.
The first tourist season for the bike track Klarälvsbanan was in 2006.

Projects Klarälvsbanan

NKIJ-banan the track with many possibilities

Project owner: Munkfors municipality Start/End: 2004-2005 Project goal: Complete the bike track from Munkfors to Uddeholm. Provide trademarks, maps and marketing material. Review the responsible future organisation regarding tourism development and coordinate maintenance etcetera.

Destination Klarälvsbanan

Project owner: Munkfors municipality Start/End: 2006 Project goal: To promote the bike track Klarälvsbanan in Sweden and in The Netherlands.

Tourism development along Klarälven

Project owner: Munkfors municipality Start/End: 2008-2010 Project goal: Extend the bike trail from Mörudden-Karlstad and Uddeholm-Sysslebäck (Klarälvsleden). Create a platform for cooperation for 6 municipalities and companies along the river Klarälven. Investigate potential of Pilgrim hiking trails. Give the route 62 its name Klarälvsvägen. Marketing bike tours along Klarälven in Sweden and in The Netherlands. Build a new website: www.klaralvsbanan.se.

The projects have been funded by various means such as regional project support, EU funds and the municipalities.

Other information

Thorough groundwork was carried out on the railway embankment with reinforcements, clearance and cleaning, change of drums and so on before asphalt could be added (width 3 meters). To the extent possible, the original form of the course has been completed, but in some places, stretches have changed due to purchase of the land, for example, or practical difficulties. There are street lightnings in the central parts of the towns you pass and 15 toilets are located throughout the track (11) and trail (4).

Gradient - 101 meters altitude difference between Karlstad and Uddeholm.

Marking - Klarälvsbanan is not signposted according to Trafikverket's (the National Traffic Administration's) signage system as there were none at the time. However, there is a uniform graphic profile on all signs along the entire track. The same applies to the trail Klarälvsleden which is marked on small country and gravel roads.

Klarälvsgruppen (Klarälvsbanan Development Group) was initially a cooperation group between four municipalities (Karlstad, Forshaga, Munkfors and Hagfors) but is since 2007 represented by at least one person from all six municipalities. The group works with overall activities regarding the trail and track when it comes to development, marketing, customer contact, operation and maintenance etcetera. Once a year one person in each municipality that is responsible for the maintenance of the track and trail have a meeting to discuss the future. (Klarälvsbanans utvecklingsgrupp) var till en början en samverkansgrupp mellan fyra kommuner (Karlstad, Forshaga, Munkfors och Hagfors) men är sedan 2007 representerad av minst en person från samtliga sex kommuner. Gruppen arbetar övergripande med verksamheten kring banan och leden med till exempel utveckling, marknadsföring, kundkontakt, drift och underhåll etcetera. En gång per år träffas även gatucheferna från varje kommun och diskuterar drift och underhåll på banan och leden.