Practical information


Klarälvsbanan has a uniform graphic profile on all signs along the entire course. The same applies to Klarälvsleden, which is marked on existing small roads.


Street lighting is available in the central parts of the places you pass and 15 toilets are located along the entire course (11) and the trail (4).


  • Karlstad – vid Kroppkärrssjön mittemot starten av banan:
    The beach Kroppkärrsbadet is situated along the road Sjöängsgatan, 4 kilometers east of the city center of Karlstad. The nearest residential area is Södra Kroppkärr and the nearest large road is Hammaröleden, road 236. There is a bicycle path passing the beach and the city bus has a bus stop here. By the beach there is a large parking lot that is free of charge and you are allowed to park for maximum 7 days.
  • Uddeholm – vid Klarälvsbanans start/mål:
    A parking lot that is free of charge. There is also a bus stop on road 246, next to the track.
  • Sysslebäck – vid Sysslebäcks Bad & Fritid.
  • Hagfors – vid Hagfors Stadshus.


Klarälvsbanan är en så kallad GC-väg, vilket innebär att gående, cykel och moped klass II får nyttja banan om inget annat anges. Ej moped klass I (EU-moped).

Följande gäller för var kommun längs Klarälvsbanan:

Karlstads kommun – GC
Forshaga kommun – GC
Hagfors kommun – GC
Munkfors kommun – GC
OBS! Förbud mot alla motordrivna fordon, även moped klass II i Munkfors kommun.

Right of public access

Do you know what you can and cannot do in nature? The right of public access means that those who move in forests and land are obliged to take their surroundings into account. To plant and animal life as well as to landowners and other people nearby. In the link below you can read more about the Right of Public Access.