Maintenance and rules Klarälvsbanan

Maintenance and rules Klarälvsbanan

GC-road means that pedestrians, bicycles and mopeds class II may use the track unless otherwise stated. EU-moped (class I) is not permitted!

The following rules apply in each municipality along Klarälvsbanan:

Karlstads kommun - GC
Forshaga kommun – GC
Munkfors kommun – GC OBS! Förbud mot alla motordrivna fordon, även moped klass II.
Hagfors kommun – GC


Each municipality is responsible for maintenance along their part of the track.  


During summer the track is swept several times. We also cut grass and vegetation so that it doesn't grow out onto the track. The municipalities sweep Klarälvsbanan from March/April to September/October depending on the weather. It has to be clean from snow and ice before we can sweep it in the spring. It is usually ice-free in Karlstad first and Hagfors last.


Klarälvsbanan's maintenance in winter time differs between the municipalities. Most municipalities plow and sand in urban areas.


In some of the places on Klarälvsbanan there are roadblocks when a road is crossing the track but not everywhere. So it is important to be aware of the possibility that a vehicle can be crossing the track.