Travel to Värmland

Travel to Värmland

All roads lead to Värmland

By car

Several main roads connect Värmland with the rest of Sweden and Scandinavia. The E18 motorway links the eastern, central and western parts of the county with Oslo and Stockholm. The E45 follows the western shore of lake Vänern and runs northwards through the Fryksdalen valley before turning westwards into the county of Dalarna. The other main roads are 61, 62, 63 and 26.

Värmlandstrafik is responsible for regional bus and train traffic. Times and schedules are developed for both day commuters and visitors responsible for regional bus and train traffic. Times and schedules are developed for both day commuters and visitors.

By bus

Several transport companies, such as Swebus operate bus services to and from Värmland. Once you are here, the orange buses run by Karlstadsbuss get you around the town of Karlstad, whilst the yellow buses of Värmlandstrafik take you out into the rest of Värmland. Several of the smaller towns and villages have their own local bus services.

By air

There are three airports in Värmland. Flight from Karlstad Airport have destinations that include Jönköping and Frankfurt. Several major charter flight companies fly out of Karlstad to Crete, Rhodes, Majorca, Croatia and Cyprus. From Torsby Flygplats you can fly to Stockholm-Arlanda . From Hagfors Flygplats you can fly to Stockholm-Arlanda.

By boat

There are many good guest harbours and fina canals if you come to Värmland by boat. The archipelago in Lake Vänern has some lovely natural harbours, and you can also visit Sweden's innermost harbour in Arvika. If you don't have a boat of your own, you can catch a boat bus "Båtbussarna" that takes you around Karlstad on the Klarälven River or one that goes all the way out to Lake Vänern, and stops at a number of wonderful places in the archipelago.

By train

The state-owned railway company SJ operates about nine trains daily on weekdays between Värmland and Stockholm and about five trains to Gothenburg and Oslo. Besides Karlstad there are also railway stations in Kristinehamn, Kil, Grums, Säffle, Arvika, Sunne and Torsby.

By bike

Although not many people cycle all the way to Värmland, you always have the opportunity of experiencing it from the seat of a bicycle once you are here. The Klarälvsbanan is perfect for cycling: this old railway embankment between Karlstad and Hagfors is now a 90 km long asphalted cycle way. There are also a number of downhill tracks and mountain bike trails in Värmland.