Fishing in Värmland

Embark on a fishing trip in Värmland's large waters


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Fishing in Värmland

Upplev Värmlands trolska och vidstärkta natur med orörda vatten, stora sjöar och lättillgängliga fiskeområden, här är möjligheterna till fiske oändliga.

There are great chances of successful fishing in Värmland's waters as they are well stocked with various fish species such as trout, perch, pike, zander and salmon. Indeed, some of the best salmon fishing in the entire Nordic region is to be found in the waters of Lakes Vänern, Fryken and Glafsfjorden and the Forshaga rapids (Forshagaforsen).

Good chances of successful fishing in Värmland

In eastern Värmland, the large and small waterways of Storfors, Karlskoga and Filipstad invite you to a wide range of fishing spots.. Try your fishing luck after Kilsbergen's chars, rainbows and browns or Möckeln and Alkvettern's large pike, zander and perch. In Säffle, in western Värmland, you will find the River Byälven, proclaimed to be one of Sweden's very best zander waters. The Frykensjöarna (Fryken lakes), often simply called Fryken, consist of three different lakes flowing between Kil in the south to Torsby in the north, rich in perch, pike, zander, salmon, Rottnan trout and freshwater whitefish.

Over 30 different fish species in Lake Vänern

Lake Vänern, known for its many fish species - as many as 30 - is in fact one of the most species-rich lakes in Sweden. Not only is there great pike fishing, you can also catch freshwater salmon, trout, perch, vendace and zander. Fish close to the shore, which is great for families and young children, take a trip out to one of the many islands in the Värmland archipelago, or join a trolling charter. And why not get the most out of Vänern fishing by booking one of the fishing guides that are available across Värmland's municipalities.

The River Klarälven, rich in grayling and trout

The River Klarälven, rich in grayling and trout, runs through north Värmland. If you prefer salmon fishing, the best alternative is at the Forshaga rapids, which are also part of the Klarälven river. The area is divided into four zones; a fishing license is required.

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