Fishing in Värmland

Embark on a fishing trip in Värmland's large waters

Fishing in Värmland

Experience Värmland's magical and vast nature with pristine waters, large lakes and easily accessible fishing areas, here the possibilities for fishing are endless.

There are great chances of successful fishing in Värmland's waters as they are well stocked with various fish species such as trout, perch, pike, zander and salmon. Indeed, some of the best salmon fishing in the entire Nordic region is to be found in the waters of Lakes Vänern, Fryken and Glafsfjorden and the Forshaga rapids (Forshagaforsen).

Good chances of successful fishing in Värmland

In eastern Värmland you will find a great variety of fishing with both larger and smaller watercourses in Storfors, Karlskoga and Filipstad. Try your luck fishing for Kilsbergen chars, rainbows and trout or Möckeln and Alkvettern's large pike, zander and perch. And For those of you who above all want to fish zander, you can head to Säffle in western Värmland, where there are good opportunities in Byälven, which has also been named one of Sweden's best zander waters. In Frykensjöarna, which many people know as Fryken, consists of three different lakes that run between Kil in the south to Torsby in the north, here you will find perch, pike, zander, salmon, brown trout and whitefish, among other things.

Photo: John Zafardl

Over 30 different fish species in Lake Vänern

Vänern is known for its many species of fish, actually one of the lakes with the most species of fish in Sweden with as many as 30 different species of fish . There is plenty of access here for pike fishing, but you can also fish for lake salmon, trout, perch, whitefish and zander. Fish close to the shore, which is convenient for the whole family and the very little ones, go out on tour boats to several islands in the Värmland archipelago or join a trolling charter. To get the most out of the fishing on Vänern, you can advantageously book a trip with a fishing guide, which is available around Värmland's municipalities.

The River Klarälven, rich in grayling and trout

The River Klarälven, rich in grayling and trout, runs through north Värmland. If you prefer salmon fishing, the best alternative is at the Forshaga rapids, which are also part of the Klarälven river. The area is divided into four zones; a fishing license is required.


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