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Paddle in Värmland

Värmland is a landscape of lakes and rivers and has over 10,000 lakes. The Klarälven river flows through the entire landscape from north to south and into Lake Vänern, providing fantastic opportunities for kayaking.

A myriad of paddling adventures

 Kayaking possibilities in Värmland are both numerous and varied: paddle along the sparkling Klarälven river, visit Lurö and experience the Vänern archipelago or book a guided tour to get the most out of your floating journey through a wide range of natural landscapes. Experience fantastic kayaking on the Klarälven river from Långflon in the north down to Karlstad in the south, where the river flows into Lake Vänern, or build your own timber raft at ‘Vildmark i Värmland’ and embark on a real adventure on the river.

Långberget Sports Hotel in Torsby is located right beside a lake system where you can canoe for an hour, explore the area for several days or book guided day trips that are suitable for the whole family. At Rottnan, you can silently paddle on your own along the forest river that winds through the Värmland Finnskogen just inside the Norwegian-Swedish border.

Discover historic Bergslagen by canoe or kayak

Canoe or kayak in the kingdom of locks on the Bergslag Canal. Enjoy an adventure full of history, locks and nature close at hand. The Bergslag Canal is a canal and lake system that runs through 65 km of outstanding natural beauty between Karlskoga and Filipstad. The height differential is no more than 16 m, and this is navigated by means of six locks. The canal is, moreover, the only one in Sweden that cannot be accessed from a larger body of water. Other paddling possibilities in east Värmland are on the rivers Svartälven and Svartån.

Lurö, the paddlers’ paradise in the middle of Lake Vänern

Out in the middle of Lake Vänern lies Lurö, a magical freshwater archipelago comprising over 250 islands and skerries. It is an area rich in places to visit, with marked trails and plenty of places to stay and eat well in stunning surroundings. Paddle out or take the boat from Ekenäs to Lurö. Another tip for fans of islands and skerries is the Kristinehamn archipelago, which not only offers great paddling but a wealth of swimming possibilities from both sandy beaches and rocky shores. There are lots of places to stay, such as at Kristinehamn Herrgård Camping, and plenty of attractions like the Picasso sculpture, Kristinehamn Art Museum, Kristinehamn guest harbour and the restaurant, Mastmagasinet.

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