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Top 5 dining experiences

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Top 5 dining experiences

This summer's plans will also be a little different this year, but surely you are eager to take part in new flavors and discover new places? You do not have to travel far for a day trip or a longer stay. Here we suggest five fantastic places where you can enjoy wonderful flavors and sights in a safe way.

A taste trip through Värmland

Join a taste journey through some of Värmland's restaurant gems, here is something for all tastes and senses. Along the way, you can take the opportunity to experience a little culture and history or why not combine your restaurant visit with a wonderful overnight stay in a luxurious mansion?

In order for you to have a safe experience, the places have taken several measures that make you as a visitor feel safe during your visit.

Art exhibitions and food art at Sliperiet

Sliperiet is an old wood grinding mill & pulp factory in Borgvik which is now an art gallery with a restaurant. Oscar Magnusson started the art gallery Sliperiet in 2009 and it is today one of Värmland's largest privately owned art galleries. If you visit Sliperiet, you get a unique experience as they every year show new art exhibitions by renowned artists and newly discovered creators. In addition to the exciting and modern art, you can also have a fantastic dining experience when you are there in Sliperiet's restaurant. Sit down and look out over the works of art in the art gallery when you have a good dinner that is prepared from scratch by Niklas Petterson who is also known as a chef at Matbruket in Karlstad. When you are still in Borgvik, you can take the opportunity to visit Kungskvarnen, a cozy hotel located in a historic environment surrounded by lush nature.

Photo: Matbruket

Photo: Ölme Prästgård

A perfect experience at Matbruket

If you want to experience real fine dining, you should head to Matbruket, a restaurant located in Värmland's museum in the middle of Karlstad's city center right next to the Klarälven river. You sit in a beautiful dining room with modern decor or in a nice glass pavilion where you look out over the beautiful and lush museum park. Here you will be served food prepared by Niklas Pettersson who is a real food artist with a solid track record behind him. The food is top class and is prepared with Swedish ingredients and finesse that follows the season, a combination of modern and classic flavors. Here you can have lunch or dinner and try Matbruket's tasting menu which consists of as many as 10 dishes, you are guaranteed satisfied and satisfied when you leave after your visit.

The restaurant is open on weekends but accepts company on weekdays if you pre-book by phone. Here you sit safely with a limited number of seats. Read more about Matbruket or book your visit.

Enjoy food and relaxation at Dömle Herrgård Spa & Resort

At Dömle Herrgård Spa & resort you can enjoy a well-cooked dinner or lunch in a traditional manor environment. The food is prepared by chef Anders Sundberg, who creates magic with fine ingredients that are adapted to the season. Sometimes chef Norbert Lang also visits to create a memorable taste experience of the spring or autumn primroses. After your dinner, you can sleep in one of the manor's beautiful rooms or relax in the spa area that completes your stay.

Stunning views and homemade at Big Hill Lodge

On the beautiful Storhöjden just outside Filipstad you will find Big Hill Lodge, an old lookout tower with a fine history which today has been rebuilt and has been given a modern feel. The lookout tower was previously owned by Arne Stjärnlöf and in 2018 his son Calle Stjernlöf took over after his father's death. In the lookout tower you can get a unique taste experience inspired by the forest's assets, stop for a good lunch, a well-composed three-course dinner or homemade coffee in the exciting environment that offers beautiful views high above nature.

There are also cozy cottages for rent for you who want to stay longer and great nature experiences that create memories for life.

Ölme Prästgård

Ölme vicarage is a cozy inn located in Ölme and has a history from the early 18th century. Here you are met by magnificent nature and a beautiful building with charming rooms that give you an experience you will soon forget. The rectory is run by the restaurateur couple Ulrika and Johan and in the dining room well-cooked meals are served with mostly locally produced ingredients. Johan has previously worked as a chef in New York, cooked at the Nobel party and in 2020 Ölme Prästgård was mentioned in The White Guide


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