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The unique, mysterious, and captivating Kittelfältet

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Kittelfältet, where Visit Sweden’s ‘Spellbound by Sweden’ film was recorded. A nature reserve in Filipstad, Värmland, with clear signs left behind by the ice sheet. There are beautiful hiking trails and wonderful pine forests, as well as Sundtjärn with its turquoise waters.

A unique nature experience in Värmland

Kittelfältet is a unique nature experience in Värmland, with its beautiful nature and rich birdlife. The nature reserve has clear traces of the ice sheet in the form of deep ice pits where you will see beautiful pine forests, reindeer moss, heather and crowberry, and in the ponds at Kittelfältet, water lobelias growing, and on the peatlands, wild rosemary and dwarf birch. Kittelfältet is part of the EU's network of valuable nature, Natura 2000.

Sundtjärn and its turquoise waters

The beautiful nature at Kittelfältet is captivating in many ways with stately pine trees and the ground full of pits of varying sizes. The pits appeared after large pieces of the ice sheet fell off and became embedded in the sand. The deepest pits at Kittelfältet are filled with water that makes them look like small lakes and if you pass by Sundtjärn, you will definitely be stopping to take a picture. Sundtjärn actually has turquoise water which gets its colour from a special phytoplankton.

Hiking trails at Kittelfältet

At Kittelfältet, there are several beautiful hiking trails, windbreaks, and a large information zone. The longest trail at Kittelfältet is Brattforsleden, with 24 kilometres in total. Brattforsleden is a large circular loop in the nature conservation area and runs through four nature reserves. It’s a changing trail with several attractions along the way.

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