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Maximized winter experiences

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Maximized winter experiences

The dream of a white winter with snow-covered forests and sparkling meadows doesn't have to feel unattainable and far away. In Nordvärmland, a winter wonderland awaits, ready to be explored and experienced on skis, sledding or on foot.

At a time when winters for us here in the central and southern parts of the country often equate to a rainy extension of autumn, it is safe to know that there is still a snow-filled winter landscape within reach. In the hilly, northern parts of Värmland, the average temperature is several degrees lower than in the south, which makes for snow security and a smorgasbord for everyone looking for great winter activities.

Mamma och son som åker slalom i Branäs en solig vinterdag

Två män som åker längdskidor ett snöigt Hovfjället

Skiing for the whole family

In Värmland there are good opportunities for wonderful skiing, both downhill and cross-country. Challenge yourself on black slopes and snow parks or train on easier, longer slopes. Increase your heart rate with cross-country skiing, or glide steadily through the tracks in a fairytale winter forest. Visit Branäs, a well-planned ski resort that gives skiers the best possible stay, or Hovfjället which is one of Sweden's southernmost mountains and is a very beginner-friendly ski resort. Do you want to go cross-country skiing? visit Långberget with its formidable 63 km of groomed cross-country tracks or try indoor skiing for days with worse weather on Torsby Skidtunnel & Sportcenter.

En man som åker snöskoter i Värmland

Utsikt över ett vinterlandskap i Värmland

Fast-paced adventure with snowmobile and dog sled

A more fast-paced way to experience the nature of the landscape is with help. Both the northern and western parts of Värmland offer several nice snowmobile trails during snowy winters. At, among other things Fredros Gård and Hovfjällets skidanläggning you can join us on guided tours through snow-covered fairytale forests and over frozen streams. Another action-packed winter adventure is to take a seat in the sled and let a pack of Siberian huskies take you out for a ride. It's a huge sense of freedom to slide through the snow-covered landscape while the strong, happy dogs set the pace. Available, among other things, at Branäs in collaboration with Hike Husky Tours

Man som vinerbadar

Photo: shutterstock_1906196179

Utsikt över vinterland

Photo: Roger Borgerlid

Winter activities on water – Ice fishing, ice skating and refreshing winter swimming

Ice fishing is an exciting experience. In addition to sturdy, lined shoes and thermal clothing, you need an ice auger, ice spikes, pimp stick, pick and something comfortable to sit on. Then just start drilling and try your luck. In Värmland, you can fish for perch, zander and pike as well as trout, char and rainbow trout, for example at Fredros Gård, Hälle Fishing Camp, Ingestrands Camping eller Going North. Always check the thickness of the ice before you go out and never forget the ice spikes!

Do you want a more fast-paced adventure on Värmland's winter waters? Then you can go cross-country skating on nice natural ice. In several places, tracks for the public are also washed, when the ice is thick enough on Mariebergsviken in Karlstad, an oval skating rink about two kilometers long is plowed here.

Mustering up the courage to take a dip in the middle of winter? In Värmland's lake-rich landscape, it's never too far for a cool dip. Combined with a moment of thawing in the sauna, it is a pleasure for both body and soul. Remember to keep up-to-date which places offer swimming if the ice has settled - or replace the swimming with snow rolling. @kallabadstegen på Instagram ger dig de bästa tipsen på fina vinterbadplatser i Värmland!

En man som snöskovandrar en solig vinterdag

Vacker solnedgång över vinterlandskap i Värmland

Try a snowshoe hike or a fat bike marathon on snow

A wonderful way to experience the beautiful nature, wildlife and tranquility is on foot. But to avoid pulsating in meter-deep snow, there are modern snowshoes to rent. Walking around on top of the snow cover is a different experience with great potential to become a memory for life. The same applies if you pack the fat bike on the trip here. Exercise rides on the bicycle saddle are something you normally associate mainly with the summer season, but in Mattila you can forest cycle all year round. Sweden's only fat bike marathon on snow is also organized here, below Mattila Ski Marathon-helgen varje år.  

Cultural experiences in winter

For those who are interested in culture, there are several exciting and inspiring cultural experiences som väntar. Gör ett besök på ett museum eller gå på en föreställning för att få ljus i vintermörkret. Wermland Opera i Karlstad har flera föreställningar under vintern som Giuseppe Verdis mästerverk AIDA eller den Stora konserten – fullmatad med musikaliska höjdpunkter. På Säffle Operan kan du se Så som i Himmelen som är baserad på Kay Pollaks prisbelönta film med samma namn, som blivit något av en svensk klassiker. En berörande berättelse om att hitta hem och att hitta den sanna kärleken. There are also several museums in Värmland which is open during the winter. Some tips are Rackstad museet i Arvika, Värmlands museum in Karlstad and Kristinehamns konstmuseum.

Enjoy good food and cozy accommodation this winter

Are you looking for a cozy and luxurious weekend to relax this winter? Then Värmland has a lot to offer! Enjoy well-prepared food and a good night's sleep at one of Värmland's fine mansions. A couple of kilometers outside Filipstad is Hennickehammars Herrgård. Here you get to experience a genuine manor experience and food of a very high class. Ulvsby Herrgård in Sunne is another gem that is best described as homely, quiet and rural with close proximity to a large range of culture and nature. And if you want to combine a cozy manor stay with a spa, you should visit Dömle Herrgård Spa & Relax. Och vill du testa på något av Värmlands unika boenden mitt i naturen, kan du inspireras här.

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