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Shopping and Värmland crafts

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Shopping and Värmland crafts

Värmland's shopping and craft mecca offers everything from shopping centers to farm shops. We have hand-picked a few things created by Värmland artists: from literary masterpieces to enchanting watercolor paintings, rustic ceramics and skirt linen weaving.

Shopping and Värmland crafts

In Värmland you will find a wide range of everything from cozy farm shops to large shopping centers and personal shops in the city centres.

Nice shops, cafes and restaurants in the center of Karlstad

In the city center there are the large malls but also shops, cafes and restaurants. Karlstad has a good reputation with its many outdoor restaurants both in the center and around the harbor during the summer. There are also market stalls here, when Stora torget is a market place three days a week with everything from fresh flowers, vegetables and fish to clothes and handicrafts.

I Kristinehamn finns många mysiga lokala butiker.

Bergvik - one of Sweden's largest shopping centers

Just west of Karlstad is IKEA and Bergvik shopping center . With its 60 shops and ten cafés and restaurants, Bergvik is one of Sweden's largest shopping centers.

City centers with a high cosiness factor

The center cores in the Värmland towns are lively and welcoming with smaller shops and high personal service. Do not miss any of the Värmland patisseries that serve you good pastries with a long tradition behind them.

Border shopping in Värmland

In addition to the smaller shops in the border country, there are two larger shopping centers - in Charlottenberg and in Töcksfors. The latest shopping mecca to grow thanks to cross-border trade is Långflon's Shopping Center at the top of northern Värmland.

Mimmi Design

Klässbols Linneväveri

Genuine craftsmanship, local experiences and farm sales

In Värmland, there are plenty of food producers who often have farm sales. You will find farm shops and local craftsmen all over Värmland.

Värmland linen at Klässbollinneväveri

Classic, Värmland patterns from the area are given new life in Klässbols linneväveris 's own collections. The pattern "Djurgården" is inspired by an older hand-woven parade pattern by designer Josef Edvinsson. He ran his weaving business together with his wife in Kinnekulle during the first half of the 20th century, and since 1991 his loom has been at Klässbols Linneväveri. Sold at Sahlströmsgården, Rackstadsmuseet, Arvika Konsthantverk, Värmlands Hemslöjd, Fryksdals Form and Klässbols Linneväveri. Urban Johansson makes patterns according to customers' wishes.

Watercolor's stronghold - Sandgrund Lars Lerin

At Sandgrund there is Lars Lerins unique watercolor art for public viewing. In the art gallery's shop, his praised books and posters of his paintings of various motifs are sold.

Colorful and personal at Mimmi Design

With the Mimmi Design brand, Ann-Britt Skogström creates colorful and personalized linen garments. "I draw inspiration from the tranquility of nature, the chirping of birds, the family, the color and the joy of being able to create with my hands"

Krukmakeri Hemjord

There are plenty of crafts in Värmland. Find just your favorite!

Beautiful from Sahlströmsgården

In the shop at Sahlströmsgården in Torsby you will find home-woven curtains and rugs as well as Värmland ceramics, clothes and jewelry. Here you can also go on one of the popular exhibitions and take part in strange artist fates and Swedish cultural history. For example, one inspired by Fryksdalen's nature, woven by Stina Hellquist after Ida Sahlström's, "Fryksdalsmoras", pattern.

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