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4 tips for unique accommodations

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Unique accomodation

Värmland offers fantastic nature with deep forests, lakes to fish in and exiting attractions along the way. Here you will find unique places and accommodation, dream yourself away and plan your trip for a fantastic adventure.

Here we list a variety of accommodation throughout Värmland that makes your stay unique. Discover, for example, Naturbyn in Långserud, have fun with Happie Camp or live in a charming cottage in the middle of nature.

1. Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts

Yggdrasil Water huts are a unique and luxurious way to get close to nature. Stay in comfortable igloo boats where you can enjoy panoramic views of all seasons of nature from the bed. During the summer, they are in the water with an associated jetty and an electric motor so you can drive around the lake.

Vinterstuga i ett snöigt Mattila
Cabin in Mattila

2. Mattila

In Mattila, there are 210 beds spread over 34 accommodations, mostly cottages. There are new modern cabins, older log cabins, apartments and rooms in härbre. Common to all accommodation options is that they are cozy with a rustic character. In Mattila you can go cross-country skiing and enjoy the beautiful winter landscape.

3. Vildmarksbyn Eden

Experience something truly unique at Vildmarksbyn Eden. The huts stand by a steep ravine created by a gently flowing river. Björkaälven provides the guests with the necessary water, the forest contributes wood for heat and light. In this way, Lennarth has succeeded in creating a natural and stress-free place where people can gather. Vildmarksbyn Eden offers unique accommodation and a destination for both families and groups.

4. Värmlandsgården

Värmlandsgården offers peace and harmony. The lovely location attracts with healthy morning baths and wonderful views. Living at Värmlandsgården is beautiful and comfortable. The proximity to the water, only 20 meters to the lake Upplunden with a wonderful view. Regardless of how you choose to live, Värmlandsgården gives you proximity to the wilderness, but also the comforts of civilization.

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