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6 unique accommodations

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Unique accomodation

Värmland offers fantastic nature with deep forests, lakes to fish in and exiting attractions along the way. Here you will find unique places and accommodation, dream yourself away and plan your trip for a fantastic adventure.

Here we list a variety of accommodation throughout Värmland that makes your stay unique. Discover, for example, Naturbyn in Långserud, glamp with Happie Camp or experience the sparkling waters of Klarälven on your self-built timber raft with Vildmark in Värmland.

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts

Yggdrasil Igloo Water Huts are a unique and luxurious way to get close to nature. Stay in comfortable igloo boats where you can enjoy panoramic views of nature all seasons from the bed. During the summer, the igloo boats are in the water with an associated jetty and an electric motor so you can drive around the lake.


Here you can live in a tree house, houseboat or in a cottage without either running water or electricity. Cook over open fire, swim in a wood-fired hot tub and then jump into the refreshing lake after your swim.

Happie Camp

Offers luxury glamping tents placed in carefully selected and beautiful places in the middle of Värmland's stunning nature. Possibility of amenities such as a lunch bag and activities on site.

Vildmark i Värmland

Experience the magnificent wilderness in Värmland on the sparkling waters of Klarälven! Build your own timber raft and set off on a relaxing journey. Through Vildmark i Värmland, you can also experience Vildmarksbyn Eden in a forest area that offers magical forests, lakes and mountains. Here you can sleep in wilderness huts, cook over an open fire, hike in the deep forests and bathe in a sauna under starry skies. 


Live in a camping tent on a raft in the middle of a lake and wake up to the chirping of birds out in nature. Here you can also paddle a canoe out to the uninhabited island of Getön and stay in a glamping tent. A unique experience for the adventurous. 

Värmland Camper

Experience Värmland and camping in a new, exciting way. Rent an adventure caravan and enjoy the freedom when getting around to Värmland's beautiful places. You can also choose to discover Värmland from a bicycle with Värmland Camper. In the spring of 2023, a new concept was launched with electric bicycles and tent trailers including camping equipment.

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