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Experience the Klarälven river on a timber raft.

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Upplev Klarälven på egenbyggd timmerflotte

Build your own raft from logs and rope. Then float along the Klarälven river with the river current as a motor. Vildmark i Värmland wants to create unforgettable experiences on the water.

Lisa Harkman

Vildmark i Värmland is a company whose guiding principle is to create unforgettable experiences in nature. The company started in 1980 by offering timber raft trips for individuals and groups on the Klarälven river. Today, the raft trip is still the most popular experience among the company's guests.  

– What's unique is that you build your own raft from logs and ropes and then float along the Klarälven river," says IngMarie Junler, who runs Vildmark in Värmland.  

Guests are offered various raft packages ranging from ten kilometre day trips to onehoundred kilometres long expeditions over seven days. IngMarie believes that it is the combination of raft building and rafting that makes the activity popular.  

Photo: Hipfel Starck

– Being able to design and build something that you then use to create your own experience... It's very special for many, she says. Floating along the river Klarälven on a raft may sound peaceful, but the activity is not so calm, says IngMarie.  

– It is much more active than you might think. Even if you follow the current, there may be sandbanks or rocks that you won't see until you're stuck... You'll also need to keep an eye out for trees overhanging the river. If you want a quiet holiday activity, don't go on a log raft.  

The attentive TV viewer may recognise the concept of log rafting from channel TV3´s dating programme, because it is at Vildmark in Värmland that the participants in the Vild kärlek (Wild love) programme built their rafts.  

– We were subcontractors, you could say, says IngMarie and laughs. The whole TV adventure began when they were approached by a Danish production team in 2021.  

– Their idea was that real love might be easier to find in nature. Last year they had sold the concept to Sweden and the Netherlands, so we had three countries making their recordings here.  

In addition to rafting trips, Vildmark i Värmland also offers canoeing packages and runs Klarälvens camping, which is located in Stöllet, outside Torsby. During the summer, the campsite will have a brand new playground with an obstacle course, jumping pillow and new swings. 

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