Hiking Värmland

Vandringspaket i Värmland

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Vandringspaket i Värmland

Embark on a hiking adventure with the whole family. Choose between a hiking weekend, hiking close to the city and checking into hotels or enjoy hiking in the fabulous Sunne. Here you will find a varied selection of different hiking packages for your next adventure.

Hiking package Hotel Alfred Nobel Karlskoga

Close to nature, mirror-clear waters, peace and quiet. Forest and nature deliver no matter what time we humans live in. If you are stressed, need a break from everyday life, digital detox or simply want fresh air and an experience - then this is a perfect combo. Overnight at Hotel Alfred Nobel and take a day trip with hiking. There are several routes to choose from for those who want to stay one or more nights. You choose which route (s) you want to walk, and when you arrive at the hotel you will receive a map of the area.

Hike in Mattila and experience the entire Finnskogen

Mattila in the middle of the deep Finnskogen, is the place for your heating master! Here you can hike on marked trails, meditate on a very special meditation path, look for poles in a pole hunt, or maybe embark on a slightly tougher hike on marked bogs. Here you can also swim in magical ponds, cycle along beautiful lakes and stay in cozy cottages. If you want to have coffee or grill something good, you can do so at the barbecue areas which have a fantastic view of the Finnskogen, full of magic, history and culture. Here you meet the silence and calm like nowhere else. 

Mattila i Finnskogen

Mattila i Finnskogen

Risbergs Herrgård - From wilderness to Ninni Schulman

Enjoy the nature of Värmland and live at Risberg Manor dating from the 16th century. With over 200 kilometers of trails in Hagfors municipality, you are given an excellent opportunity to adapt your two hiking days in a wonderful and varied environment. Take a city walk in the footsteps of detective queen Ninni Schulman or enjoy Värmland's highest waterfall while hiking on the recognized beautiful Halgåleden, a quality-assured Värmlandsled. common space. Info about trails and maps are available at check-in.

The price is based on three people and two nights in a mansion wing with three double bedrooms, shower, WC, fully equipped kitchen and a common area. Info about trails and maps are available at check-in.

Hiking adventure on Hovfjället

Experience quality-assured Värmlandsleder on Sweden's southernmost mountain for two to three days of hiking in Hovfjället's nature reserve. Beautiful views and exciting nature are promised here. Stay at the historic B&B The Lodge in Vägsjöfors, which dates back to 1836. The package includes two nights in a double room, including a lunch and a barbecue package.

Hagfors - Hiking weekend at Outdoor Center Värmland

Experience the magic of the forest and lakes in the Värmland Wilderness! Outdoor Center Värmland is a family business that specializes in various outdoor activities and offers several packages with different orientations. For example, packages with hiking, cycling or quad biking.

Ulvsby Herrgård

Combine hiking with relaxation at Ulvsby Herrgård.

Enjoy hiking in Sagolika Sunne - Ulvsby Herrgård

Are you longing for the next beautiful hike? Stay at Ulvsby Herrgård in the middle of fabulous Sunne and hike day trips on our certified and most beautiful Värmland trails. Some of them start just a short distance from the mansion. 

Ulvsby Herrgård's hiking package contains everything you need to feel really good. Sit down in Anna-Stina's dining room and enjoy the chef's mansion menu - it tastes extra wonderful after a day of hiking through Värmland's wild forests. Hang out, enjoy nature, experience the silence and get closer to yourself.

Hike Järnleden - stay at Stadshotellet in Kristinehamn

Experience a historical trail and enjoy the nature of Värmland. Stay overnight at the hotel and get everything you need to complete the 30 kilometer hike.

Silleruds Station- Walk and stay in a different small hotel 

Overnight in an old train and hike in scenic miles of Glaskogens Nature Reserve. With this outdoor package, you spend the night with a friend in the 1st or 2nd class carriage, and eat a train breakfast before it's time to explore the many varied hiking trails. Glaskogenkort ingår.

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Yoga and hiking with the Yoga Academy

Combine Yoga and hiking as you follow in the footsteps of pilgrims along the historic pilgrimage route. The hike starts from Långbergets Sporthotell in northern Värmland and focuses on the body and the well-being of the soul. Feel the wings of history in a fantastic setting.

Hike in Glaskogen - Hotel Årjäng

Choose to hike along one of the total 300 km long hiking trails in Glaskogens Nature Reserve. If you go on a longer trip, we can almost promise that you will see moose or some other wild animal. With a little luck, you can hear the wolf howling at night.

Hundvandring på Ulvsby Herrgård

Vem vill väl inte ha med sin pälskling på semestern. Kom till Ulvsby Herrgård och gör vandringsturer med din hund, ett välkomstkit väntar till hunden. Två övernattningar på herrgården ingår, samt två lunchpaket och två middagar.

Vandring & SPA- Sunne Vandringsvecka

Vilken härlig kombination att få vandra och unna sig lyxen av spa, god mat och övernattning i ett fint hotellrum med utsikt mot Fryken under fyra nätter. Detta kan du gör under Sunne Vandringsvecka i september 2023.

Vandra på toppen av Långberget

Du vandrar olika turer i tre dagar: Horstomyren, Storberget och Kärleksstigen. I paketet ingår tre övernattningar inklusive frukost. Vill du ha fler upplevelser kan du köpa till en älgsafari, en kanottur eller en MTB-tur.

Vandra i Glaskogen bo på Guesthouse Eleven

Checka in på Hotel Guesthouse Eleven, få med dig matsäck och njut av den värmländska naturen i naturreservatet Glaskogen. Nästa dag kan du ta ytterligare en vandring i naturreservatet Bergs Klätt. . I priset ingår logi, frukost, lunchpaket, bastu, Glaskogens friluftskarta. Möjlighet att boka till middagar.

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