Värmester – experience autumn in Värmland

9 tips for an autumn adventure in Värmland

Travel through Värmland on a blissful journey of discovery among nature, culture and history. Here you will find one of Sweden's largest lakes, Vänern, a varied range of culture, art, historical experiences and fast-paced activities. You can also stop at a nice place for a tasty dinner and a good night's sleep. Here we have collected 9 tips for those of you who live in Värmland or are coming to visit.

1. Nature experiences on foot

For those who want to discover Värmland on foot, one of our quality-marked hiking trails is an obvious choice.
The trails offer different degrees of difficulty, experiences and are spread over the entire landscape.

2. Experience Värmland's cultural treasures

Vibrant culture and an exciting history is something you can enjoy when you are in Värmland. Travel through culture, art and historical experiences and stop at a nice place to spend the night.

3. Shopping

Värmland's shopping and craft mecca offers everything from shopping centers to farm shops. From literary masterpieces to enchanting watercolor paintings, rustic ceramics and skirt linen weaving.

4. An autumn weekend in Karlstad

Spice up the autumn by booking a cosy weekend in Karlstad! Visit art exhibitions, live comfortably with a golden edge, experience exciting architecture and culinary flavours.

5. Autumn cozy in a mansion!

Leave the daily grind and stress at home and let yourself be embraced by the soothing environments of the Värmland mansions. A wonderful experience for both taste buds and body and soul.

6. Around Värmland on two wheels

Experience Värmland from the bicycle saddle! Whether it's a longer cycling vacation or a cozy day trip – no matter what you're in the mood for, there's a route that suits you on our quality-assured Biking Värmland trails.

7. 48 hours in Värmland – David Kvicklund's best Värmester tips!

Experience international influences with a Värmland finish, creative storytelling tradition, fast-paced activities, world-class art and delicious taste experiences. David Kvicklund gives you the tips!

8. A journey through the entire taste palette of Värmland

Food engages, inspires and interests. If it is also locally and sustainably produced, it feels good both in the stomach and the soul. Welcome to the food destination Värmland and a journey through the entire taste palette.

9. Plan a visit to the Christmas fair

Already in the autumn, you can start planning visits to Christmas fairs in Värmland! Visit an urban Christmas fairs or a Christmas fairs in the countryside. In many parts of Värmland, there are traditional Christmas fairs at local farms and memorials, such as Mårbacka and Alster Manor.

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