Let nature lead you

Kaffestund i morgondimma

The best ways to come close to nature is by hiking or biking. In Hagfors municipality there are loads of paths and tracks just waiting for you. Short, or long, easyr or a little bit more challenging - here, there is something for everyone. And when your legs find their plod, well it will not take long before your thoughts find their own and wander off too. The beauty of nature enables you to look beyond the horizon.

Experience Hagfors from the saddle

A speedy alternative to discovering Hagfors on foot is through cycling. If you like to mix outdoor experiences with a high tempo you can go mountain biking. Would you like to take it easy, you can both hike and go cycling on Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long natural experience on traffic-free asphalt from Uddeholm in the north to Karlstad in the south. In Uddeholm the trail Klarälvsleden begins. Follow the 120 km long trail up to Sysslebäck.

Our mountainbike paths:

  • Ragnarök (black)
  • Upplunden (green)
  • Tre toppar (red)
  • Blåbärskullen (blue)



Tre toppar (red)

Hagfors is a part of Biking Värmland, quality assured mountainbike trails with signposts common for all of Värmland and different degrees of difficulty. Everything from easy biking to more demanding endurance cykling. The trails offer signposts that work both nationally and internationally, a lovely way to experience our wonderful nature with all it has to offer. Today you´ll find four trails in our municipality. Tre toppar and Blåbärskullen in Ekshärad. In Hagfors you`ll find the endurance trail Ragnarök and the round trip Upplunden that you can start in Hagfors or at Värmlandsgården. här.

Hike in Hagfors

We´re happy that you want to hike in Hagfors municipality. With over 190 km of trails we have a lot of nature and wilderness to explore. Why not take your family on a nature experience in the wilderness? Or go for a run at one of our many training tracks?





Our hiking paths in Hagfors:

  • Brattfallet, Halgåleden
  • Åsenslingan
  • Svartåleden, Brattforsheden
  • Rundslinga Värmlandsgården
  • Sagostigen
  • Tre toppar och Två toppar
  • Alfaleden och Valpleden
  • Hyttdalens vandringsstig
  • Finnvägen

Read more about our trails in our brochure that you can download here:

Go where the fish bite

You put the lure on the hook and throw in the float. Small rings start to form on the water surface creating temporary impressions in the glassy lake. The only thing remaining now is to wait. You can lean back and take a look at the surroundings. The lake is embedded in beautiful nature and no human being is in sight. The calmness appears, the body unwinds. You have time to reflect and take time in the surrounding silence. Suddenly, the fishing-line begins to strain, the float makes a dive under the surface and now your focus is targeted towards whatever is hooked on the other end of the line. Maybe, you will have freshly grilled bass for supper?

In Hagfors municipality, there are plenty of beautuiful places where you can guard your float, regardless if you are a beginner or a pro. Fish grayling, salmon or trout in the lively Klarälven, the spine of the municipality and Sweden´s longest river. Angle for bass, pike and whitefish in enchanting forest lakes. Winter is the perfect time for ice fishing. There´s nothing like the nature experience that the fisherman gets on a sunny winters day when the ice is thick and Jack Frost has embedded the landscape with a soft, white cover of snow.

Before you try your fishing luck remember to buy a fishing license. With the fishing license for the municipality you are allowed to fish in most lakes of diverse nature and the part of Klarälven that runs through Hagfors municipality. If you are under 16 years old you fish for free. You also get a map over the lakes included in the license. Do you want to fish in other waters, you buy a local fishing license. Here you can buy the municipal fishing license online.

Water activities

I magiska Hagfors finns det gott om vatten att utforska genom att paddla kanot eller kajak, eller kanske vill du testa SUP? Det finns 250 km vattenvägar att glida fram på – lugna slingrande åar, små tjärnar, stora öppna vatten där tystnaden omsluter dig och ger dig en upplevelse som för dig närmare naturen. I Klarälvdalen och sjösystemen runt Gustav Adolf hittar du de bästa kanotvattnen. Kanoter finns att hyra på flera platser.

Some of our most popular places to paddle:
– Svartälven
– Klarälven
– Rottnan
– Rådasjön-Lidsjön
– Upplunden-Deglunden

SUP, Lidsbron

Kanot, Deglunden