Hiking trails for everyone - young and old, experienced or novice!

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Här finns vandringsleder för alla – ung som gammal, erfaren vandrare eller nybörjare!

Get out in the open and experience the beautiful nature of the Värmland forests. Are you interested in history, outstanding views or perhaps a short and easy trail? Here we give you tips on hiking trails that are worth experiencing. Bring your friend, your loved one or why not the whole family. There are hiking trails for everyone, young and old, experienced hikers or beginners.

Matilda Steen

Shorter hiking trails 1.3 km - 5 km

In scenic Borgvik, a short distance outside Grums, you will find Bokskogsslingan and Lövåsslingan. These hiking trails are ideal for families with children and for those who do not want to go so far. Here the hiker can experience 4.5 hectares of beech forest with elements of other tree species, such as birch and oak. The fauna in this area is rich in herbs and woody plants.

On Hammarö, a short car journey from Karlstad, the Pilgrims' Trail has footbridges to walk over, with idyllic views and grazing cows. Start your walk north of Hammarö church, at the bridge over to the Archipelago Museum, then continue between the fences and the water, into the forest and then back to the existing gravel road. Under the spring sun you can see a sea of white flowers in the fields and further out on Hammar's headland you can see Värmland's second largest burial ground from the Iron Age. 

Forshaga offers Handleden with fine nature trails. The trail runs next to the lake Södra Hyn, which is located in an open natural area and surrounded by a cultural landscape with farmland, meadows and cottage areas. The trail runs on parts of the old embankment of Sweden's first railway and along paths near the river Klarälven. Take the trip and hike north towards Kil for a shorter trip or the slightly longer trip south towards Karlstad. 

You can also choose to walk along Kil's nature trail. See and observe interesting plant and animal kingdoms and over thirty different types of trees, spruce, birch, aspen, oak and pine, but also more unusual trees, such as juniper, larch, beech and linden. In summer you can pick raspberries, strawberries and blackberries along the path. Bring a picnic and stop along the way to enjoy the lovely view. If you want to swim, a refreshing dip in Fryken is just a stone's throw from the trail. 

Mariebergsskogen is easily reached by Karlstad city bus or a 20-minute walk from the city centre. Do you want to get up to the height of the birds and learn about their world? Then the trail at Mariebergs strandängar with its bird tower, walking paths and nature is ideal for you. You can climb the bird towers and hear the birds' chirping at close range. For those who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair, one of the bird towers is accessible.

Longer hiking trails 7.5 km - 24.3 km

Sävsjöleden, which is located a little outside Grums, is suitable for those who want a challenge with the trail's moderately difficult terrain. Here you walk a loop around the entire lake and along the way you will find two shelters with barbecue areas, perfect for those who are hungry for grilled sausages and bread. For those who are even more adventurous, there is a raft called "Tant Brun" next to the first barbecue area. Pull yourself across the lake with the raft and then continue the trail. 

For those who are interested in nature combined with history, there is the hiking trail Stig along Forshaga's canal. Here you can experience Forshaga's barge canal with its locks and learn about the canal's history. At the mouth of the canal there is a barbecue area which is an excellent place to eat your packed lunch. 

In Kil there is the popular Skutbergsleden which offers a varied nature, this hiking trail is for those who want an extra challenge and sturdy shoes are preferable. The trail runs between Sannerudsvallen in Kil and the Skutberget exercise centre on the shores of Lake Vänern. Walk along the ravines and hilly paths. In summer, the environment is almost tropical with high humidity and lush vegetation. 

At Jäverön, outside Karlstad, hikers can walk along the 900-hectare island, surrounded by water, with shelters, picnic areas, toilets and information boards on nature and culture. You can get to Jäverön by boat, ferry or bus. The hiking trails start from the ferry dock and the boat bus pier. You can choose between the shorter or the longer hiking trail.