Tareq Taylor´s Nordic Cookery

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Tareq Taylor´s Nordic Cookery

Karlstad as a food destination? Sure! Here there is not only a large selection of restaurants that serve food with inspiration from all corners of the world. There are also plenty of great places to cook - something chef Tareq Taylor has tried.

Karlstad offered sunshine

A sunny day in August and an equally sunny day in October welcomed Tareq Taylor to Karlstad. It was the celebrity chef and TV profile's first visit to Karlstad and the city showed itself from its very best side. On the schedule was the recording of an episode for Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery – Tareq's own cooking program. There, Taylor travels to various destinations all over Scandinavia and the episode from Karlstad is one of six in the sixth season which is now shown on the Swedish TV channel Godare and the Norwegian equivalent Matkanalen. Previous seasons have also been shown in many different countries abroad.

Boat bus and creps

The day began with Gloria Sundholm welcoming Tareq to Karlstad and explaining what the concept of the Sun in Karlstad actually means. Then a boat bus tour awaited to show off Karlstad from a different perspective. Water is always close to the city and both the Klarälven and Vänern have meant a lot to Karlstad throughout history. The boat bus runs during the summer months June to August and is an easy way to get out into the Vänerskärgården or around Klarälven. You can also go on longer trips such as to Borgvik or Kristinehamn.

During the first cooking scene filmed in the Inner Harbour, Tareq cooks a crepe with mushroom and salmon filling. Several people had gathered at the site and were offered a taste of the delicious crepe.

Fishing and cooking on Vänern's shore

After that, Martin Sandmark took Tareq out on Lake Vänern. A valiant attempt was made to catch a fish, but no luck this time. Luckily, Martin had with him a pikeperch that Tareq cooked on a cliff by Lake Vänern. It was served with butter-fried cabbage, beans, potatoes and a sauce made from anchovies and butter. All while the sun slowly sank into the water.

Autumn views in Mariebergsskogen

The recording of the episode then continued in mid-October when Maria Nyström greeted Mariebergsskogen. Karlstad's city park offered beautiful autumn views and brilliant sunshine. Maria told about the park that was donated to the city of Karlstad by Doctor Conrad Höök in the 19th century to ensure that nature would remainuntouched in the future.

With inspiration from Texas BBQ

After that, Tareq got the chance to learn more about authentic Texas BBQ at Julin's Backyard Barbecue. The smoker was ready, where the various meat products are cooked for a long time and at a low temperature. The Julin family, who own the restaurant, were on a long inspiration trip in Texas before the restaurant opened and Anders Julin talked about the cooking methods.

With inspiration from Julins, the last meal was then cooked over an open fire. A piece of brisket prepared at Julins formed the basis of a hearty sandwich with cole slaw grilled over the fire. It was the icing on the cake for the stay in Karlstad and the episode premieres on Godare on Saturday, December 3 at 18.05.