Unique farm shops in the Karlstad region

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Unique farm shops in the Karlstad region

Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while and find a place to breathe? But you still want to find that unique item to take home with you. And maybe drink that delicious home-brewed coffee and eat that divinely crispy waffle. At one of the farm shops in the Karlstad region, you may be lucky enough to hear the cows mooing in the background and the farm cat softly stroking your leg.

Surely it sounds quite appealing. Maybe even irresistible. So we have some tips below for you.

Rotnäs Gård

Here you come to a cozy farm shop located in a beautiful old warehouse. In the shop you will find both interior design and gift items. When you have finished shopping and need to replenish your energy, there is a café where you can sit indoors or, weather permitting, enjoy your coffee outdoors in a beautiful rural setting. The courtyard offers homemade buns and cakes for all tastes. There are also dogs, cats and horses and, of course, guests' pets are also welcome.

Och visste du om att gården sommartid även har en Glasseria med glass av hög kvalitet från Lejonet & Björnen? Dessutom kan du beställa en nygräddad pizza sommartid om du skulle vara rejält hungrig.

Rotnäs Gård
655 93 Karlstad
E-mail: rotnasgardsbutik@bodesign.se
Phone: +46 70-678 34 00

Liljenäs Gård

On this farm you will find quite a few different types of activities. To begin with, you can enjoy self-composed ice cream creations with ice cream from Kling and during the period from October to May you can also order their amazing Belgian waffles with ice cream, delicious food waffles or soup lunches with mushroom soup on Fridays.

And the mushrooms in their Friday soup are actually grown on the farm according to the Swedish Seal eco-label and are also supplied to many different shops. You can even book a haircut at the farm's own hairdressing salon Gårdsklippet. You can choose between men's, women's and children's haircuts and various treatments.

Their farm shop focuses on local ingredients and products. These include beef, must, spices, coffee and various teas, sheepskin, marmalade and much more. There are also outdoor products such as durable plates, cows and cutlery in biomaterials.

Liljenäs Gård
Liljenäs 210
664 94 Vålberg
E-mail: liljenasgard@gmail.com
Phone: +46 70-301 13 60, +46 73-511 01 95

Mimmi Design

Mimmi Design designs unique clothes in the natural material linen, mainly for women. The shop is located in the middle of nature in the woods of Värmland. Simple colorful linen clothes with finesse for style-conscious women such as tunics, blouses and dresses but also men's shirts with a timeless design. Here you can find something suitable for all body shapes.

They mainly use the natural material linen, which has less impact on nature and the environment in its production, and they also try to avoid sales on their clothes. The philosophy is simple - every garment should find its rightful owner. Are you the next customer to be found?

And to add creative value, art exhibitions are organized every spring and summer with a variety of different artistic expressions.

Mimmi Design
Lång Pikenberg 1
664 91 Grums
E-mail: ab@mimmidesign.se
Phone: +46 70-3213091

VillaRudskogen Interiör

The interior design store started in 2019 in Rudskogen outside Karlstad, but due to lack of space, the entire business moved to the beautiful turn-of-the-century villa Gula Huset on Storgatan in Forshaga in the fall of 2022.

The focus here is on hand-picked furnishings from several different suppliers in Sweden and Denmark made from recycled wood, natural materials, jute and beautiful textiles. The unique products are often available in a limited edition so it's well worth visiting the shop regularly.

In their online shop, you'll find even more decor, as well as furniture, rugs, textiles and lighting.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday with coffee and home baking and is located on the second floor of Gula Huset in Forshaga.

VillaRudskogen Interiör
Storgatan 16
667 30 Forshaga
E-mail: kontakt@villarudskogeninterior.com

Noll54 Interiör

Take the opportunity to get personalized advice on which interior design style suits you and your home. Eva-Karin at Noll54 Interiör has hand-picked her products from several well-known suppliers and is happy to show you around her cozy interior design shop Noll54 Interiör. It is beautifully located on Almars Gård a little way outside Karlstad.

Noll54 Interiör
Almars Gård 433
655 91 Karlstad
E-mail: noll54interior@gmail.com
Phone: +46 730-255 999