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The archipelago of Kristinehamn

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Tomas Hermann

Kristinehamns Skärgård

Välkommen att upptäcka Kristinehamns vackra skärgård året om. Promenera eller cykla på strandpromenaden längs med Vålösundet, åk långfärdsskridskor eller fiska, besök Picassoskulpturen, spana efter fåglar, vinterbada, vandra längs Jacquelines naturstig eller njut av matupplevelser, gofika och Vänerhorisonten.

Discover the archipelago

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Vackra Vänervyer

I Kristinehamn finns en omedelbar närhet till Vänern och de underbara öarna i skärgården.

Utsiktsplatser över Vänern finns det gott om. Vi har samlat flera platser med Vänervy i en karta så att du enkelt kan planera din utflykt. Packa med matsäck eller varför inte grilla vid någon av eldplatserna?

Kombinera Vänervy med vandring. I Kristinehamn finns flera Vänernära vandringsleder.
Hitta lugnet och närheten till naturen.

Vänernära vandringsleder

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Guide till öarna i Kristinehamns skärgård –

Vilken blir din favorit till sommaren?

Vill du upptäcka skärgården från sjösidan men saknar egen båt? Inga problem, i Kristinehamn kan du paddla både kanot och kajak, hyra en el- eller motorbåt eller utforska skärgården och Vänern med en av turbåtarna som går sommartid. Mer information om turbåtarna läggs upp på visitkristinehamn.se inför sommarsäsongen.

In the Kristinehamn archipelago there are many beautiful islands to discover, both with and without your own boat. However, keep in mind that there are no shops or restaurants on the islands, so be sure to pack your picnic basket with goodies or buy take away from one of the restaurants or cafes along Vålösundsvägen. On some of the islands you can spend the night in tents in marked locations.


Catch Stöten, Båtbuss 97, from the Vålösund bridge


Vålön is a paradise for families with children. On the eastern side of the island are Sandvikarna, one of the Vänerskärgården's finest sandy beaches. There is a bathing ramp and toilet adapted for wheelchair users. At Sandvikarna there is also a playground, if the little ones need more fun than the shallow beach, picnic tables and barbecue area.

Kristinehamn's largest island is well worth a visit regardless of the weather. The nature is varied with coniferous forest, shallow sandy beaches, blueberries, strawberries, mushrooms, white lilacs and deciduous trees. The three islands Vålön–Kalvön–Sibberön connected by bridges and a four kilometer hiking trail, one way. Along the path there are swimming coves and rock outcroppings where you can swim undisturbed while looking out over the Väner archipelago


Stepping out on the footbridge towards Kalvön with Lake Vänern on both sides is powerful. Kalvön is the smallest of the interconnected islands Vålön – Kalvön – Sibberön. The island is part of a nature reserve and has special areas where tents are allowed to be pitched. Next to the bridge on Kalvön there is a rock bath for you who do not want sand between your toes but there is also a small sandy beach. There are also proper boat dock for you who come by sea. Barbecue areas and windbreaks are available.


Ride Stöten to Kalvön


Ride with Stöten to Vålön/ Kalvön and hike to Sibberön


The third of the interconnected islands Vålön – Kalvön – Sibberön. Sibberön is part of a nature reserve. Here one will find rock baths, woodland, open meadows and views over Lake Vänern. You get to Sibberön by taking one of the boats to Vålön or Kalvön and then continue on a hike. On Sibberön there is a rest cabin for temporary accommodation. It was originally a lumberjack hut with an associated stable. The path divides at the rest cabin. East way, the path leads to the popular Lakviken. It is a really nice forest with old rough pines on both headlands. From the headlands you have magnificent views over Lake Vänern, view of a blue surface towards an open horizon. When the weather is clear, Lakholmen's lighthouse can be seen, west of Brattsand. There is free fishing in Lake Vänern and there are over 38 different fish types here.


According to many, Alvön is called Solbadarön (sun bathing island), which suits well with the island's many polished and softly shaped slabs. The eastern part of the island is the most lovely, the strait towards Svinön. The smooth, soft rocks are usually empty and ready to welcome the ones craving for a swim. A dotted hiking trail takes you to the cliffs on the west side of the island. On Alvön there is a small shelter that is suitable for overnight stays or as a place to seek shelter in bad weather. The island has several docks for both tour and leisure boat traffic. Alvön also offers great opportunities to wander around on your own and enjoy the inland sea that surrounds the island. If you are lucky, the small sandy beach north of the docks is free and waiting to welcome you and your company. If you spend the night on the island, you should go to the other side of the island and enjoy when the sun sets in Lake Vänern.


Ride with Boat bus 96 to Alvön


Boat bus 96 will take you to Långön


On Långön there are many nice natural harbors where shelter can be obtained regardless of the direction of the wind. Therefore, Långön is especially popular among leisure boat owners and not at least among sailors. Here you can easily find your own cliff and take a dip on Långön's own little riviera, right next to the jetty on the northwest side of the island. Several open areas invite you to spend the night in a tent. A wind shelter is located next to the small tour boat jetty.