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Degerfors - Konsterud - Gullspång

Ride a trolley in Konsterud

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Trolleytrack Konsterud

Trolleytrack Konsterud
Ride on the Trelänsbanan

Pre-season: Saturday – Sunday
13, 14, 27 & 28 maj samt 10, 11, 17 & 18 juni
High season: Friday-Monday
30 June – 14 August
Pre-season: Saturday – Sunday
19, 20 , 26 & 27 augusti, 2. 3, 9, 10, 16 & 17 september

Adventure on a trolley

Ride through three counties and three municipalities

Bring along family and friends and head towards a fun and different adventure. Trelänsbanan is 38 km and goes through Degerfors, Konsterud in Kristinehamn and Gullspång. From Gullspång you can continue 18 km on Torvedsbanan. It is, of course, possible to make shorter day trips, or why not rent a trolley for a few days, spend the night at a lovely rest area along the road or at the hostel in Gullspång? From the rental station in Konsterud in southern Kristinehamn (Värmland) you can start the adventure and choose whether you want to go to Degerfors (Örebro County) or Gullspång (Västra Götaland), see more hints below.

There are 9 single trolley bikes and 3 tandem trolley bikes for rent. If you rent a single bike, 2-3 people can fit, one at the steps and one or two smaller people on the bench. If you rent a tandem bike, two people pedal and one, or two smaller people, sit on a bench. Keep in mind that during breaks, meetings and at certain road crossings, the trolley bike must be lifted off the track. A tandem bike is heavier to handle than a single bike, worth having in mind.

Reserve a trolleyride

Bookings are made only online.

Prices for renting trolleys

Low season
The Trolley bike station is only staffed by pre-booking.
If you haven't booked and want to go the same day, please call the staff +46 (0) 702 – 952 745. They will see if it can be arranged

Single trolley bike
Halvdag: 300 kr (fm 9,30-13 eller em 14-17:30)
Heldag: 500 kr (10-17)
Dygn: 700 kr (10-10)

4 hours: SEK 400 (9,30-13 or 14 to 17,30)
A day, 8 hours: SEK 600 (10 to 17)
24 hours: SEK 800 (10 to 10)

Trafikregler – som gör din dressintur säker

Vi är måna om att du och ditt sällskap får en säker dressintur och vill därför påminna om nedanstående regler, som du godkände vid din bokning. Det är du som har bokat som är huvudansvarig.
Alla förare av dressinen ska ha tagit del av, och är skyldiga att följa, regler och föreskrifter. En dressin räknas som ett fordon i trafik, precis som en bil eller cykel. Ni kommer att åka över bilvägar
och möta andra dressiner på banan.
Var försiktig så kommer allt att går bra. Ha en trevlig åktur!!

Contact information

Konsterud Trolley, season 2023: 13 May – 17 Sep according to schedule (see above).
Telefon till dressinstationen: 0702-952 745. Obs! Endast öppen under banans öppettider 9:30-17:30.
For group bookings during opening hours or at other times, contact Kristinehamn Municipality: Kimmie Åhlén +46 (0) 550 – 868 13
Mail till dressinstationen: konsterud@kristinehamn.se

Accommodations closest to the track
Hostel Svedjegården
A calm and quiet place near the village of Nybble.
Revsands familjecamping
Family campsite by Lake Vänern.

All accomodations in Kristinehamn muncipality

Picnic basket
Load your picnic basket with lots of goodies. It's so lovely to stop and have a picnic in the woods on your trolley adventure.
Fill your Picnic bascet near Konsterud:
Bäckhammars livs
Hygns Vilt farm shop

Kristinehamn provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and outdoor life

Trelänsbanan – Konsterud

Mosstorp vid sjön Däveln

Kolstrandsvikens rastplats

Konsterud – Degerfors

When you cycle north, you pedal slightly uphill. After three km you arrive to an untouched nature. Enjoy the silence and the nature. With luck, one might even spot a sea- and golden eagle, moose, deer, fallow deer, red deer, beaver, lynx and a wolf.
After another three kilometers you arrive to the municipality of Degerfors, to the rest area Mosstorp and lake Däveln. It is a rest area located in the middle of an ancient forest and mire. An excellent peaceful place where the forest is your closest neighbor. Spend the night in the log cabin or camp in the area. It is first come, first served. There are barbecue areas with chopped wood and an outdoor toilet at rest area. Take the trolley off the tracks in order for others to pass by. Take the small path down to Lake Däveln. Enjoy the tranquility, listen to the sounds of the forest and take a dip. The journey back to Konsterud is easier to pedal due to the track is tilted in a favorable direction - make sure to brake for a safe journey.

Konsterud – Gullspång

The slight slope of the track makes it easy to get started.
Already after a few kilometers you will reach the first attraction which is 200 meters from the track. It is a unique stone arch bridge built in the early 18th century, which is part of an old pilgrimage route Letstigen from Riseberga monastery. A kilometer later you arrive at a beautiful meadow where a rest cabin called Rötterna is located.
The trip continues ten km towards Kolstrandsviken. Lift the trolley from the track. And rest your legs at the rest area.
Please, continue pedaling along Lake Vänern and follow the bay for nearly a kilometer. Then you will enter the municipality of Gullspång. Continue pedaling past Löksta farm and the old railway bridge. Take the opportunity to check out the prepared and unique salmon staircase before you arrive at Gullspång's trolley station. You will have to lift the trolley bike a few times - as the track crosses a number of roads.
About 20 km from Konsterud you are in Gullspång and can rest your legs, change rails to Torvedsbanan and continue the adventure south or pedal back towards Konsterud/Degerfors.




Wilderness nature

To ride a trolley is a fun excursion that suits families as well as groups of friends. One trying it, will get a whiff of wilderness and an adventure. Nice rest places are suitable stops for enjoying packed lunches. Along the tracks there are several geocaches to try to seek and find. One can pick wild strawberries next to the railway embankment, look for forest berries and mushrooms, fish in the forest pond, swim in the Lake Vänern, eat waffles or barbecue.


Old Station House
Karl Andersson, V Säby, Per Eriksson Konsterud, Karl Andersson Nysund.

Historical railway Nora Bergslag

Once upon a time, the steam locomotive choo-chooed at this place carrying passengers and goods, but more recently it was changed to a railbus that rushed forward through the spruce forest to stop at red-painted station buildings. The Nora Bergslags railway was for more than a hundred years a lifeline for transport through southeastern Värmland. Now there are no more steam whistles, stins or stationmen and the life of the time that was connected to the track is gone. But thanks to non-profit efforts, one can today experience the old railway in a new way through the trolleyrides.

Konsterud station

In 1876, Konsterud had its own railway station. The village had a shop and a slaughterhouse. In 1918 a steam-saw was built and in 1933 a carpentry factory was also built which employed a total of 60 people. The nearest store is the store in Nybble. Konsterud station offers coffee, drinks, goodies and knowledgeable staff who are happy to share some ideas what to discover and see on your excursion.

Information about Trelänsbanan

Trelänsbanans page