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Locally produced food


A taste of Kristinehamn

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Johan Marshall

A taste of Kristinehamn

"Smaka på Kristinehamn" is a network of producers, farm shops, and restaurants who want to raise awareness of the importance of locally produced food and drink. Many of the products can also be found in the local grocery stores and restaurants are asked to state when local produce is included.

I buy locally produced food and drink because I care about my health and body, my neighborhood and the environment. It's a win-win for everyone!

Christina Skan

It's easy to buy and eat locally produced food and drink!

Many producers sell their products in the local grocery stores, look out for "local symbols". Almost all local producers are represented in the farm shops; Retrovågen (town center), The farm shop at Karaby gård (just outside town) Hygns Vilt farm shop (approx. 35 km south of Kristinehamn). The restaurants can be found both in town and in the countryside.

Upcoming events

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Brewpub at Wermlands brygghus

Brewpub certain Friday´s at the local brewery in…

Wermlands Brygghus, Kristinehamn

21 Apr – 16 Jun

Latest news

  • The farm shop at Karaby gård is open every Saturday 11.00-13.00
  • Wermlands Påskmust is on sale at REKO-ring, the Tourist Office, grocery stores and farmshops (Karaby Gård and Retrovågen).
  • March 6th - farm shops open. Chance to win a price if you buy from more than 4 producers.
  • Hand-made chocolates from Sockerslottet can be bought at the Tourist Office.

The shops and farm shops in the network

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REKO-ring is a national concept where food and drink producers sell their products directly to the end consumer. This gives the consumer a good price and the producer a better margin. You can also discuss the food directly with those responsible. Everything is pre-booked on Facebook and pick-up is Tuesdays from 17.00-17.30 every other week. Facebook-gruppenTo place an order you need to join this Facebook group. Payment is made at pick-up.

Producers and restaurants in the network

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Discover the difference!

Have you tasted thinly sliced smoked ham from a local producer and then tried a slice from a plastic package from the store? Do it. The tastes can not be compared. Have you tried jam with 65% berries? And do you love apple juice? Buy locally pressed apple juice and enjoy the rich and perfectly balanced natural taste of apples!

Färska rotfrukter

Praliner från Wall Choklad

Ölme Prästgård 2023

Wermlands Brygghus hantverksbryggeri

Old traditions and family-owned companies

Many of the local food and drink producers have an old history. Burhöis Grönt has grown vegetables for several generations, Lindbergs Fisk and Mor Carins Ostkaka are both operated by the second generation. The local brewery, Wermlands Brygghus, started in 2013 and Hygns Vilt in 1997. Ölme Prästgård has served local food since the start of their business in 2003.

Excellent conditions

Kristinehamn has excellent conditions for everything from producing craft beer to hunting, fishing, and farming - and on top of that have old traditions in the craft of refining food and drink.

The farm shop at Karaby gård

Retrovågen – delikatess- och retrobutik

Photo: shutterstock_1906196179

Färska rotfrukter på marknaden

Hygns Vilt Gårdsbutik och Rökeri


"Smaka på Kristinehamn" is a collaboration between companies that want to raise awareness of local products and highlight Kristinehamn as a culinary destination. An experience in quality, care, and authenticity. The network aims to strengthen partnerships, and enable new alliances and economic growth.

A company member shares this vision/dream/goal and through producing, selling, or serving craft-made products with as local roots as possible. The companies also share interests in ecological, ethical, and environmental issues and take an active part in being a good host.

Lokalodlade grönsaker

Mor Carins Ostkaka och kalvdans