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Kristinehamn on your own

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Linnea Palmqvist

Kristinehamn on your own in swedish

Discover the history of the city on your own, either with the help of information signs, a quest, or by a folder or tips from the staff at the Tourist Office. You can also join a guided tour.

Towers and ornaments

A fun way to discover Kristinehamn is to stroll around among houses with towers and ornaments. Here you will find nine unique houses, all with their own history. In the visitor guide 2023 there is information about the houses - read the notice below.

  • WALLNERSKA VILLANPrästgatan 28Built 1893
  • TINGSHUSET Kungsgatan 19Built 1883.
  • SVEAMAGASINET Hovslagaregatan 1Built 1893
  • SOCKERSLOTTETNorra Staketgatan 8Built 1892.
  • RÅDHUSET Kungsgatan 25Built 1805.
  • MORABYRÅNKungsgatan 32Built 1895.
  • KAVALJERENVästerlånggatan 20. Invigt 1904.
  • GAMLA SPARBANKENKungsgatan 21Built 1893
  • FRÄLSNINGSARMÉNSpelmansgatan 23Built 1896.

Kristinehamn is a very cozy town with many nice walking paths, unique shopping and with a closeness to water. There are also several unique stories such as the story of world market price of iron and the one about how the world's largest Picasso sculpture ended up here!

Lasse, chairman Caravan Club

Följ med till 1700-talets Kristinehamn

Krukmakeri hemjord är ett härligt besöksmål och café.

Gustaf Fröding bodde i över 10 år i Kristinehamn

Kväll i centrala Kristinehamn

Discover Kristinehamn in your way

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