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Excursions with a view of Lake Vänern

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Martin Andersson

View of great lake Vänern

In Kristinehamn there is an immediate proximity to Lake Vänern. There is nothing better than sitting on a warm, smooth rock looking out at the waves and the horizon. Hop on one of the tour boats and explore the islands!

Sitting and having a picnic by Lake Vänern is wonderful. Here we have marked out 25 places with a view of Lake Vänern. The only thing missing is you and your picnic.

11. Vänerhorisonten vid Fyrparken

17. Vänerhorisonten vid Sibberön

21. Solnedgångsläge vid Hult

27. Vänerhorisonten vid Dyrön

  1. Kummelöns naturreservat -nature reserve - popular Kummelön with a beautiful view of Vänerviken. Here there are, among other things, picnic tables and a fireplace.
  2. Gustafsviks herrgårdspark - manor park - the rich cultural history, the pink houses and the view of the bay Vålösundet make you want to stay here for a long time. If you want to get a little closer to the bay, go to the bird tower and bring binoculars so you can see the bird life in Varnumsviken.
  3. the Town farm - There is a rest area here that is good for children with a lot of running in their legs. Here there is a barbecue area, a great chance to greet the farm animals and a lovely view of Lake Väner. Bring binoculars and go to the bird tower, to get a closer look at the birdlife in Varnumsviken.
  4. Kristinehamn - art museum - The art museum is beautifully located by the Vänerviken. Bring a picnic blanket and basket. Enjoy. It is a lovely promenade with a view of Vänervik between the Art Museum and Gustafsvik.
  5. Kristinehamns Guest harbour- Marina - To sit and cuddle with a picnic and at the same time follow life in the guest harbor is peaceful.
  6. Sannaleden - walking trail – Från Kristinehamns gästhamn går du över Varnan, längs med kajen och husen tills du kommer till en skogsväg. En liten bit in i skogen finns rastplatsen med utsikt över gästhamnen och Vänerviken. Fågellivet längs med strandskogen är näst intill öronbedövande i månadsskiftet maj/juni.
  7. Herrgårdscamping - camp site -At Herrgårdscampingen there is Presteruds Herrgård with today's design from the 19th century. The manor has its own jetty where the view of the strait is beautiful. For those who want to do something extra together with their loved one, there is a Love Tree here where you can put a padlock and thus "fortify" the love. The area is open to visit even for those who do not live at the campsite. 
  8. Skymningens badplats - beach - Here it is easy to enjoy a picnic and finish with a dip. There are plenty of sun stairs. The sandy beach awaits below. Perfect combo with Sannaleden or Jaqueline's nature trail. The bathing area has a lift to get down to the beach from the sun deck.
  9. Vålösundsvägen – Beach promenade that is beautiful all year round.
  10. The Picasso sculpture - At Lake Vänern you will find the world's highest monumental sculpture by Pablo Picasso. Vänerview, barbecue area, picnic table, and Picasso sculpture - can it get any better than that? Well.. here you will also find proximity to boat trips, bronze age tomb, info point (summer time), nature trail, Jutviken swimming area, Lighthouse Park, lookout point and lovely cafes.
  11. Fyrparken - From the Picasso sculpture you can walk Jutviksvägen and Fyrvägen to Fyrudden, the new lookout point with picnic tables with a lovely Väner view.
  12. Jutviken - beach - Bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the Väner view, take the opportunity to swim in the mighty Väner Sea. Here there is a barbecue area, dry dock, picnic table and, of course, lovely fresh water.
  13. Värnanäs – Beautiful view of friends. 
  14. The king's resting place - Here there is a lovely Väner view and several picnic tables, wind shelters and barbecue areas.
  15. Sandvikarna - beach on a island. and Vålön - Here you will find one of the Vänerskärgården's finest sandy beaches, Sandvikarna, a paradise for families with children. Partially accessible. Boat trip required. At Sandvikarna there are picnic tables, tc, barbecue area, playground and sandy beaches. On Vålön you will find a forest walk, swimming cliffs, mosquitoes, sandy beach and bridge to Kalvön.
  16. Kalvön - Bring the picnic basket on your boat trip on Lake Vänern. This summer you can either go directly to the nature reserve Kalvön or hike on Kristinehamn's largest island Vålön and then come to Kalvön. Here you will find a picnic table, barbecue area, dry toilet, smooth rocks, sandy beach, hiking trail and tent sites. 
  17. Sibberön - The hiking trail on the islands is 4 km. At the nature reserve you can enjoy a picnic and admire the Väner horizon. Here you will also find cliffs, picnic areas, barbecue areas, picnic area, sea eagle, dry toilet and the myth of the Sibberökungen.
  18. Långön - an island. Find your own spot. You can camp overnight in many open spaces. A small shelter from the wind provides a good place for a tent.
  19. Alvön – Att sitta på en klippa och njuta av picknicken medan du ser ut över Vänerhorisonten är en härlig upplevelse att ha med sig när vintermörkret kommer. Båttur krävs.
  20. Revsand - beach and a campsite Shallow bathing on a sandy beach with great views over Lake Vänern. Facilities: playground with jumping pillow and toilet.
  21. Hult - beach – Njut av picknickkorgen vid det härliga solnedgångsläget. Här hittar du bad i Vänern och kyrkans sommarhems café med förutom perfekt läge även frestar med loppis.
  22. Arskagsleden (Visnums kils lederna)- Här hittar du både vindskydd, en rastplats med utsikt över Vänerviken och många gamla ekar. Obs här finns betande kor under säsongen.
  23. Nötöleden (Visnums kils lederna)- Här hittar du både Österöstugan, många gamla ekar, en rastplats med utsikt över Vänerviken och en grillplats. Obs här finns betande kor.
  24. Prästöleden (Visnums kils lederna) – Här hittar du både Linsöstugan, fågeltorn, många ekar och en rastplats med utsikt över Vänerviken. Obs här finns betande kor.
  25. Värmlands Säby nature reserve Walking path amongst the old oak trees. Rich birdlife. Resting area.
  26. Dyrön nature reserve 2,7 km one way Great views of Lake Vänern. Varied terrain peacefully located and with a richness of plants and wildlife.
  27. Södra udden – Vacker utkiksplats med storslagen utsikt över innanhavet Vänern. Välj om du vill vandra direkt till utkiksplatsen eller hela Jaquelines nature path.

Lake Vänern

Läckö Slott

Picassoskulpturen i Kristinehamn

Härliga Kristinehamns skärgård.


With the sun on your cheeks and a light wind in your hair you can enjoy the widespread view of Lake Vänern. The horizon, the waves and the barren landscape is a breathtaking view. The huge Lake Vänern can be explored in many ways. Jump onboard one of the tour boats and visit one or more of the close by islands.

You can hire a kayak or canoe and silently paddle along the shallow shores all on your own. Book a trolling trip and fish for salmon or trout. Or rent a sailing boat and follow the wind. Go on a tour or treat yourself to a full day out on the lake. Find beaches and barbecue places out on the islands or by the shore.

Being the third largest lake in Europe and the largest in Sweden this is a great lake in every aspect. On the following pages you can read about boat trips, canoeing, the seaside walk, beaches, fishing and many more recommendations on how to explore our archipelago.