The Pirate adventure

1st mission

Piratäventyret – Uppdrag 1 (eng)

Ahoy landlubbers! Come join a pirate adventure in 18th-century Kristinehamn.

  • Pirates have always existed in places with a shipping trade of valuable goods, like Kristinehamn. In the 18th century, Kristinehamn was an important city that traded with iron. The valuable iron came from the area of Bergslagen, north of Kristinehamn and was then shipped by boat from Kristinehamn over the lake and eventually down to Vänersborg and Gothenburg to be sold all over the world.

    Riches and trade always attract pirates. But some who performed piracy did it for the king. The king could issue a letter of marque/ a highjacking contract in order to have pirates help the king to destroy his enemies.