Lovely, lively Lurö island

Sanna Johansson and David Kvicklund are passionate about sustainable travel. Together, they run travel company Friendly Travel, which offers tailormade holiday packages right in the Swedish countryside. Here is an extract from their guide to Lurö island

Lurö island, situated in the middle of Lake Vänern, does not just attract visitors because of the amazing food served at Lurö Gästhärbärge & Krog. It is also definitely thanks to the geography of the island. Usually. When we are on the island, the weather changes as quickly as a flag flaps in the ferocious breeze. Bathing from the rocks might not be possible, but Lurö is not an island that shines in keeping with the sun’s rays. It is easy to discover many things.

Hiking and historical spots

Thanks to Luröskärgårdens Natur- och Kulturförening (“Läro archipelago Association for Nature and Culture”) the hiking trails are clearly sign-posted and at each historical spot, there are fun and interesting curiosities to read all about. Not far away, the countryside changes in fascinating ways: from meadows and deep forests to flagstones and rocks. We round off our evening on the island of contrasts.Between cold and warm, between Vänern’s refreshing water and the warmth of the firewood from Mysingen sauna raft, we return to the mainland from our adventure.

In spite of Lurö’s relative remoteness, there are more than us humans on the island. The deer glance around, skipping here and there. Down by Mysingen sauna raft, a flock of sheep gaze out across the horizon. It is said that the forest is home to even more unexpected guests.

Just now, we have two male moose on the island. It happens now and again that moose swim here. But there probably haven’t been two bulls on the island at the same time before  

Håkan Mattson

But that is what is so special about Lurö. If it is anywhere that dreams become reality for individuals with drive, then it is here. Despite its secluded tranquility, Lurö is an island very much alive.