Travel to Torsby

Welcome to Torsby

Many roads lead to Torsby, here you will find information about how to travel to Torsby.

By car

The E45 motorway goes through Torsby and Värmland on the way from Italy to Karesuando in the north. The E16 goes between Londonderry in Northern Ireland and Gävle in the east. RV 62 through Klarälvdalen from Karlstad in the south to Långflon and the Norwegian border in the north.

By air

Flight from Torsby airport to Stockholm, Arlanda every weekday. Torsby Flygplats. Flygplatsen har dagligen linjefart, affärs- och taxiflyg. 

By boat

If you come to Torsby by boat, it will probably be via Frykensjöarna. Your own boat in that case. You can start in Nedre Fryken which turns into Mellan Fryken and ends in Övre Fryken where Torsby is its northern shore.

By bus

You can go to Värmland by bus. From Karlstad you then go to Torsby with Värmlandstrafik which operates the whole of Värmland. From Dalarna there is Dalatrafik which has Värnäs as a stop in Torsby municipality. There, the buses from Värmlandstrafik meet up.

By Train

Åk på Fryksdalsbanan, Sveriges vackraste järnväg. Fryksdalsbanan sträcker sig mellan Karlstad och Torsby och ingår i Värmlandstrafik. Värmlandstrafik. Till Karlstad tar du dig med SJ.

By bike

Take the bike to Torsby! There is a cycle path called Klarälvsleden that goes from Sysslebäck to Uddeholm, 120 km on country road and gravel road. From there, it continues as the Klarälvsbanan on the old railwaytrack, 90 km of paved cycle path to Karlstad.