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Stunning natural landscapes, grand-scale lakes, unique accommodation and exquisite culinary experiences together create the extraordinary journey of discovery that is Värmland.

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A good story lives its own life. It allows you to fantasize, feel and take your own paths. It takes you to new places where you meet people who give you other thoughts and insights. A journey no one else has made before. Värmland fills you with good stories. Welcome.

Joyful Christmas fairs

Get into the festive spirit at Christmas fairs

Sparkling lights, the smell of mulled wine and handmade treasures. In Värmland there are plenty of lovely Christmas fairs where you can find unique gifts and capture the spirit of the season.

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Magical celestial spectacles

See the northern lights in Värmland

As the winter darkness settles over Värmland, the northern lights starts dancing on the night skies.

Northern lights in Värmland




The travel expert's top tips

An autumn weekend in Karlstad

Travel expert and TV personality Lottie Knutson gives her 11 best tips for a cosy weekend in Karlstad. A rich cultural life, culinary tastes and cosy accommodation await you here.

Weekend in Karlstad




Spellbound by Sweden

The unique, mysterious, and captivating Kittelfältet

Kittelfältet, where Visit Sweden’s ‘Spellbound by Sweden’ film was recorded. A nature reserve in Filipstad, Värmland, with clear signs left behind by the ice sheet. There are beautiful hiking trails and wonderful pine forests, as well as Sundtjärn with its turquoise waters.

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Två människor vandrar i skogen i Värmland

Discover the nature

Hiking in Värmland

In Värmland there are plenty of wonderful environments to hike in. We also have 21 quality-assured hiking trails labelled Hiking Värmland.

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