Värmester - vacation in Värmland

9 tips for a perfect Vintervärmester holiday in Värmland

Ta en titt på Värmlandskartan och boka in dig och familjen på en härlig skidupplevelse, här finns välpreparerade längdspår och välpistade slalombackar. Vill du inte åka skidor så har vi såklart samlat andra roliga vinteraktiviteter för hela familjen.

1. Maximerade vinterupplevelser

The dream of a white winter with snow-covered forests and sparkling meadows doesn't have to feel unattainable and far away. In Nordvärmland, a winter wonderland awaits, ready to be explored and experienced on skis, sledding or on foot.

2. Experience Värmland's cultural treasures

Living culture and an exciting history is something you can be captivated by when you are in Värmland. Travel through a varied range of culture, art and historical experiences and stop at a pleasant place to spend the night.

En familj som går över gatan i Karlstad centrum

3. Roadtrips in Värmland

Experience international influences with a Värmland finish, creative storytelling tradition, fast-paced activities, world-class art and delicious taste experiences. We give you tips for the best round trips.

4. Fantastic skiing in Värmland

Do you want to travel far enough and at the same time experience a real winter? Then Värmland's comprehensive and snow-covered range is the destination to aim for. Here you can find top-class skiing, cross-country skiing in beautiful nature and wonderful activities such as snowmobiling.

Winter cozy in a manor house

Leave the daily grind and stress at home and let yourself be embraced by the soothing environments of the Värmland mansions. A wonderful experience for both taste buds and body and soul.

Mönstrade linnekuddar från Klässbols Linneväveri i Arvika

6. Take a shopping trip

Värmland's shopping and craft mecca offers everything from shopping centers to farm shops. From literary masterpieces to enchanting watercolor paintings, rustic ceramics and skirt linen weaving.

7. Live uniquely in a wintry Värmland

Värmland offers fantastic nature with deep forests, lakes to fish in and exiting attractions along the way. Here you will find unique places and accommodation, dream yourself away and plan your trip for a fantastic adventure.

8. A journey through the entire taste palette of Värmland

Food engages, inspires and interests. If it is also locally and sustainably produced, it feels good both in the stomach and the soul. Welcome to the food destination Värmland and a journey through the entire taste palette.

9. Activities for the family!

Meet curious alpacas at Karlstad Alpacagård, go skiing in Torsby Ski Tunnel & Sports Center, challenge yourself at Boda Borg. There is something here for both young and old! We give you five tips for fun activities this winter.

The unique, mysterious, and captivating Kittelfältet

Kittelfältet, where Visit Sweden’s ‘Spellbound by Sweden’ film was recorded. A nature reserve in Filipstad, Värmland, with clear signs left behind by the ice sheet. There are beautiful hiking trails and wonderful pine forests, as well as Sundtjärn with its turquoise waters.

The mysterious Kittelfältet

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