Travel to - Klarälvsdalen

Travel to Värmland

Here you will find information on how to get to and from Klarälvsbanan.

By car

Important roads for those who travel by car in Värmland are E18 which tie together the east, central and west parts of Värmland. E45 northward along Vänerns west coastline further up through Fryksdalen and west into Dalarna. Also the highways 61, 62 and 63 from Karlstad towards Arvika and Norway, through Klarälvdalen and Filipstad.

By bus

Several companies, such as Flixbus, operate bus services to and from Värmland. Once you are here, the orange buses run by Karlstadsbuss, get you around the town of Karlstad. The yellow buses run by Värmlandstrafik, number 600, takes you along road 62 between Karlstad and Sysslebäck. Dalatrafik operates from Dalarna and stops in Värnäs. News! Bring your bike on the bus between June 14-August 15. For more information please e-mail

By air

There are flights to Torsby Flygplats and Hagfors Airport from Stockholm-Arlanda.

By train

SJ´s train will take you to Värmland from the major cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. The railway stations are situated in Kristinehamn, Kil, Grums Säffle, Arvika, Sunne and Torsby, to which you can take the train by SJ and/or Värmlandstrafik.