About Hagfors

Hike with a guide, join an exiting wilderness safari or cycle along Klarälven - no matter how you choose to get there, Hagfors can promise a fantastic nature experience along the way. There is something for everyone here - the choice is yours!

Experience the fantastic nature of Hagfors municipality

In the countryside of Hagfors, Mother Nature is responsible for the biggest attractions. She likes to be in center, which is quite understandable considering all the beauty she has to offer. The range of activities is rich and varied, whether you are an adult or a child. Glide forward in a canoe on a crystal clear lake or experience the primordial power at Brattfallet's mighty waterfall. Explore the forests, animals and plants that live there. Join a safari and look for the king of the forest, or why not see the moose front and centre in Värmlands only moosepark?

Meeting animals in their natural environment and getting really close to them is an experience for the whole family. Join a safari and meet the moose, the civil engineer the beaver or the mythical wolf. Discover nature from horseback or sitting on a sled pulled by husky dogs. Canoe, hike or bike. Float on a raft, ride a quad bike or how about riding a trolley on the old railway track?

Brattfallets mighty waterfall

Explore the forests, animals and plants that live there

Accessible and close to nature

However you choose to get there, we can promise you a fantastic nature experience along the way in Hagfors.

Hiking is the best way to get close to nature. In Hagfors municipality there are plenty of trails and paths just waiting for your footsteps. Short and long, easy or a little more challenging - there is hiking for everyone. And when your legs have found their tempo, well then it does not take long before your thoughts find theirs and wander off. The beauty of nature makes you look up and see beyond all the necessities and demands of everyday life.

The mighty waterfall Brattfallet is the starting point of the 7 km long Halgåleden (Halgå trail). The adventurous hike is somewhat demanding with large level differences but offers a magnificent view over the valley of Klarälvdalen.

Restaurants and activities

The locals who live here, live side by side with nature and are extra good at managing what Mother Nature has to offer from her pantry. Thanks to local producers, all this is taken care of with the utmost humility and from this, genuine food is created with soul. Let the good food guide you and your taste buds on a journey through all the municipality's places.

The sound of pure joy. That special laugh that children make when they have real fun. Surely it is contagious? In Hagfors municipality, it is always close to play, mischief and laughter. Here you can visit child-friendly beaches, green areas and playgrounds. Challenge the family in bowling, play train drivers on board the trains at the railway museum or why not take a ride on the trolley track between Hagfors and Uddeholm?

A fast-paced alternative to discovering Hagfors on foot is cycling. If you like to mix nature experiences at a high pace, you can go mountain biking. If you want to take it a little slower, you can both walk and cycle on Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long nature experience on car-free asphalt from Uddeholm in the north to Karlstad in the south. In the forest around Hagfors, the track ends and Klarälvsleden takes over. Follow the 120 km long trail all the way up to Sysslebäck.

Uddeholmsladan is a unique arena for concerts, shows, music, fairs, weddings and conferences. June to September, visitors can experience first-class entertainment by both Swedish and international artists in a magical environment that appeals to all senses.

History and culture

Here, modern innovations and facilities are combined with a rich cultural heritage in the form of homesteads, crafts, music and traditions. Maybe you want to know more about the people who have lived and worked here? Welcome to meet Monica Zetterlund in picture and music at Hagfors Memorial Museum. You will also experience the life in a small town and the extensive music and sports history that characterized the world famous Monica´s childhood. Another important bearer of our cultural heritage is our unique and charming dialect, which is characterized by a warm humor and great personality. We promise that it will make you feel right at home and in very good company.

Brave inhabitants and enthusiasts

Hagfors municipality's largest and most important asset is the inhabitants. In Hagfors, all are ambassadors for the place they live and work in. The wonderful dialects and genuine humor of the inhabitants make them a living and down-to-earth kind of people. Here, together, they create a vibrant countryside and lay the foundation for a strong, rewarding and active collaboration between local companies, associations and Hagfors municipality's organisation. There are many enthusiasts in Hagfors municipality, and at a time when the countryside is depopulated, we need to once again show the courage and the fire that is within us.

Business and education

Hagfors municipality has a varied business community with many successful and growing companies. The municipality has the privilege of housing some of the world-leading companies, with (of course) Uddeholms AB at the forefront. Parts of the municipality's business community operate in a global market with exports to all continents of the world, and today we are well above the national average in terms of high export share.

The international business community and the good food are two of the municipality's strengths where Hagfors have specifically pointed out high-class manufacturing industry, steel production, tourism and food production as the most important industries to invest in and market in the future.

All schools in the municipality are municipal, there is still no independent school in Hagfors municipality. However, there are five independent preschools. In Hagfors municipality, swimming school is included in the teaching. Students who need additional swimming lessons are offered support during the school year.


In Hagfors municipality, there are residential areas and accommodation options for all tastes. You can find villas with lake views, smaller houses at the forest edge and as well as apartments in the center of town. Here it is close to most things; schools, workplaces, shops and beautiful nature areas. We have collected useful information for you who live or want to live in Hagfors municipality. Our municipal housing company is called Hagforshem AB.

Are you a visitor in our municipality? Do you want to sleep in the open air by the banks of the Klarälven river? Is it perhaps your own cottage with a secluded location you are looking for? Or do you want to be comfortable in a hotel bed and have breakfast served the next morning? With the proximity to nature, you have the opportunity to get both luxury and wilderness wherever you choose to put down your suitcase. At Rådastrands Camping, glamping (glamorous camping) is offered in their completely unique safari tent that has both a kitchen, living room and bedroom.


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