Shop sustainably in Karlstad

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Shop sustainably in Karlstad

Aldrig har väl second hand och klimatsmart shopping känts mer aktuellt än nu? Har du inte hakat på det mer hållbara förhållningssättet men skulle vilja handla produkter med låg klimatpåverkan, där återbruk, lokalproducerat och budgetsmarta alternativ finns lättillgängliga?

We help you with the best tips that Karlstad has to offer so that you can easily shop second hand and start the journey towards becoming more sustainable yourself. Join us as Visit Karlstad embarks on a climate-smart shopping tour and get inspired!

Before you go out can be a good start where you can find businesses in Karlstad where you can rent, exchange, borrow, share, give and get, but also repairmen and second-hand shops. You can also follow Smarta Kartan Karlstad's Instagram: @smartakartankarlstad

If you have a little more time to spare, you can take the bus to the Våxnäs district and explore second-hand shops such as Myrorna, Solareturen and Gengåvan. Take bus 1 towards Bomstad, bus 4 towards Bergvik or 6 towards Gruvlyckan. Here you can find bargains at really good prices and also find everything from hardware stores to exciting small shops and larger chains.

Karlstad Antik and Second Hand

At Rattgatan 6 you will find Karlstad Antik and Second Hand, a second hand shop where part of the surplus is donated to charity. 

Rattgatan 6, Karlstad


When you're still at Våxnäs, don't miss Gengåvan, which is a large second-hand shop where you can find treasures from different eras.

Blockgatan 29, Karlstad

Myrorna Karlstad

A few blocks from Gengåvan you will find Myrorna, which is a favorite if you are looking for used clothes, furniture, gadgets and art.

Ramgatan 5, Karlstad


At Våxnäs you will also find the municipal recycling center Solareturen. It is a larger store crammed with furniture, china, clothes and books.

Spårgatan 3, Karlstad


Near Våxnäs is Bakgården's Pizzeria, which serves vegan, climate-smart pizzas. Bakgården is open Thursday to Sunday and often organizes various quiz and concert evenings.

Kasernhöjden 6B, Karlstad

antika glas på en vit duk

If you instead want to stay closer to the center of Karlstad, you can trudge up towards the district of Haga, which likes to boast of being "Karlstad's coziest district". There are plenty of shops here with their own character. Or walk to the Herrhagen district where there are several small art galleries that are completely free to enter and look at.

Karlstad Kultur & Kuriosa

A second-hand shop with a focus on glass and porcelain from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Nygatan 1, Karlstad

Kuskhuset byggnadsvård

For those who love building maintenance, Kuskhuset is a must. In addition to handicrafts and locally produced products, there are also carefully selected recycled items here.

Kungsgatan 2B, Karlstad

Myrorna på MQ Market

In the Mitt i City mall, you will find a small Myrorna department at MQ Market on the second floor. Selected second hand at a good price!

Mitt i City-gallerian, Järnvägsgatan 14, Karlstad

Hope you have now received enough inspiration on how you can discover new old treasures in Karlstad and become a more sustainable consumer!

Bonus tip

You can also download apps where businesses post food at a cheaper price. That is, food that was left over from the lunch rush, the grocery store or the bakery and that is at risk of being thrown away. Two such apps are Karma and Too good to go.