Bring your four-legged friend to Karlstad's most dog-friendly places!

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Bring your four-legged friend to Karlstad's most dog-friendly places!

Are you in or planning a visit to Karlstad and wondering whether or not to bring your dog along? In Karlstad there is a wide range of accommodation, restaurants, cafes and bars for small and large dogs. Welcome to bring your four-legged little friend to Karlstad's most dog-friendly places!

Dog-friendly accommodations

Staying in a hotel should feel comfortable and lovely. In Karlstad, there are plenty of accommodations that deliver just that and are perfect for you as a dog owner. If you are attracted by staying in the center of the city and feeling the pulse, choose between staying at Good Morning Karlstad City, Clarion Collection Hotel Drott which is located right by the central station or in the old police houses at Scandic Karlstad City.

Only a 10-minute walk from the center you will find Hotel Scandic Klarälven with easy access to the E18. Here you get a scenic environment around the corner and a fantastic view of the Klarälven river with the city center in the background. Best Western Gustaf Fröding Hotell & Konferens, which is one of Värmland's largest hotel and conference facilities, is also an option. During the summer, the hotel is transformed into a summer paradise with a heated outdoor pool, pool bar, children's play area and outdoor activities.

Enjoy a nice dinner with your best four-legged friend

Everyone deserves a luxurious dinner and that includes your pooch. Walk to the Inner Harbour and visit the Naviero restaurant. Here you can expect a cozy environment and good food just a stone's throw from the water. If you are looking for a fresh salad, then Zest Karlstad's Ekologiska Matbar & Hälsohub is preferable, with a selection of vegetarian salads and baguettes. Who doesn't want a juicy burger? At the Texas Longhorn, there are meaty vegetarian and vegan options with various accompaniments. If you want to recreate Lady and the Tramp, head to Fontana Di Trevi, a delightful Italian restaurant located in the center of town with delicious pizzas, pasta dishes and much more.

More tips for dog-friendly restaurants

Bun, beer or dog treats?

Why not take the opportunity to have a coffee in a cozy environment with your dog as company. Löfbergs Rosteri & Kaffebar is a hot tip. Button Town Café offers waffles and ice cream galore, shrimp sandwiches and salads. During the summer you can get here with Karlstad's boat buses, and your dog is of course welcome on board. Another option is to visit Artisan Bread, a modern artisan bakery offering bread, pastries and coffee in a beautiful setting.

You can also choose to toast the weekend with your best four-legged friend in the city's various bars, all of which make a good impression.

Walk with beautiful views

Walking in the city with your dog is the perfect thing to do in pedestrian-friendly Karlstad, with attractions for both of you. Here you can choose between walking paths in beautiful parks with flowers and vegetation or walking on popular sandy grounds with sunbathing and swimming Karlstad residents in the summer. You can expect to see all this and much more at very reasonable distances.