Locally produced food in Kristinehamn

Visit a farm shop

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Visit a farm shop

In Kristinehamn and the region of Värmland locally produced food is created. Choose among: jam, cheese, egg, vegetable cultivation, meals prepared from scratch, apple cultivation, venison, self-pressed rapeseed oil, beef and meat production, beer brewery, organic meat. Shop directly from the producer, enjoy locally produced food at a restaurant, go to a food market or pay a visit at one of Kristinehamn's many farm shops.

Farm shops

  • The farm shop at Karaby Gård

    Farm shop and summer café at Karaby Gård just outside… Read more
  • Hygns Vilt Farm Shop

    Delicatessen with locally produced food and drink just… Read more
  • Retrovågen

    Antique and deli shop in central Kristinehamn. Read more
  • Spjutbäcken farm

    Ecologically grown potatoes just north of Kristinehamn. Read more
  • Sörgården gårdsbutik

    Farm shop with ecological meat 10 km south of Kristinehamn. Read more

A taste of Kristinehamn

Ett nätverk som jobbar med lokalproducerat

A taste of Kristinehamn

Smaka på Kristinehamn is a collaboration between companies, organizations and municipal units that all have a commitment to locally produced goods. The collaboration has brought together several of the local producers in Kristinehamn and has created several different tours on its website. Go to the website to see what A taste of Kristinehamn have planned and which producers are part of the collaboration.

Lokalproducerat i Kristinehamn


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