5 tips for winter activities

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Aktiviteter för barn

Vinter i Mariebergsskogen

Vinter i Mariebergsskogen

1. Mariebergsskogen – Karlstad's city park with something for all ages

In Karlstad's city park, Mariebergsskogen, which is right by the water, there is lots of fun for all ages. Here the whole family can experience animals and nature up close, both inside Naturum Värmland and outside in Lillskogen. During the Christmas and sports holidays, Mariebergsskogen also loads up with lots of fun activities!

2. An exciting experience at Boda Borg

At Boda Borg you get to experience completely new worlds. We call it Questa. Steal a valuable diamond from a museum or go deep into a mine where hidden dangers lurk far below ground. Become a space hero, a farmer, a submarine captain or maybe a pirate - at Boda Borg there is much more to explore and everything is possible!

Karlstad Alpackagård

Karlstad Alpackagård

3. Meet curious alpacas at Karlstad Alpackagård

Go for a walk, have a coffee or practice yoga together with Kolan, Kakan and the other alpacas in the pasture at Karlstad Alpackagård in Botorp, just north of Karlstad. A different experience for the whole family where you get really close to the calm and curious alpacas. On the farm there is also a small shop with honey from the village and various products with the finest alpaca wool. 

Skiing in Torsby Ski Tunnel & Sports Center

4. Torsby Ski Tunnel & Sports Center - skiing in all weather!

In Torsby, the family gets an active winter regardless of the weather! Here you can choose to go cross-country skiing indoors or outdoors, a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Sundstabadet i Karlstad

5. Sundstabadet – The experience bath for all ages

Come and experience Sundstabadet! Young or old, mischievous or calm, regular or occasional guest - there is something here for everyone. In the experience bath, you can have belly-cracking fun regardless of age. Ride the Svarta Fallet and Stora Blå slides, swim in quiet lagoons, tackle the climbing wall and float along in the outdoor pool with flowing water. There is also a children's section with several pools with warmer water for the little ones, where you can meet Inger and Lasse Sandberg's well-known characters such as Laban the Ghost and Long Uncle.