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Unforgettable nature experiences on foot

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Unforgettable nature experiences on foot

Hiking is an unbeatable way to discover Värmland's natural and cultural landscape. Thanks to 21 quality-marked hiking trails, it is easy and safe to experience the great variety of the landscape.

For those who want to discover Värmland on foot, one of our quality marked hiking trails is an obvious choice. The quality assurance system Värmlandsleder is managed by Visit Värmland, and the trails are designed to offer different degrees of difficulty, and are spread across the entire landscape. They take you through deep forests, cultural settlements and open meadows. In addition, they all have well-maintained rest areas, which create security during your hike. Here we present three examples of the 19 hiking trails that Värmlandsleder offers.


Ängenleden is a 17 km hiking trail that goes around Lake Ängsjön. The hiking trail is located a little outside Sunne in northern Värmland and is classified as difficult. This means that you should be a reasonably experienced hiker who wants a challenge with your stamina, as the trail offers relatively large differences in level. It passes through both forest and cultural landscapes. The area has been inhabited for a long time by people who lived in harmony with nature, and you will see Finn settlements, homestead farms and crofters' cabins. Also, don't be surprised if you come across a moose or a deer.


Nötöleden is a medium-difficulty hiking trail of six kilometers that goes through an old cultural landscape on the Österon just south of Kristinehamn. Here, the nature experience is characterized by large oaks, linden trees and hazel trees. The hiking trail has a rest area at Hästudden with a fantastic view of Lake Vänern. A perfect place to have a coffee. The entire area through which the hiking trail runs is a nature reserve, and part of the trail goes through pastures with cows.


Torprundan is located in northern Värmland, in the deep Finnish forests near the Norwegian border. It stretches for 4 kilometers and offers, among other things, an observation tower with mile-long views. The trail takes you through pine forest and large bogs, and into deep spruce forest. This trail gets its name from the rest house Bondfugestorp, which is an old croft from the 19th century. Here you can grill and recover before continuing your hard work. Along the trail, you will also be able to read about the nature you are walking in on signs. A perfect and informative hiking trail for the whole family.

Hiking tips

Before you go hiking, it is important to be well prepared. A good pair of hiking boots will work well for all the Värmland trails, and during the summer a pair of comfortable trainers will also work great. But remember to always have some warm clothes with you and plenty of water. In addition, it is a good idea to pack a lunch bag and an extra snack in the backpack.

Right of public access

The public right is unique in the world. It enables everyone to move freely in nature, but is not only a right, but also comes with the responsibility not to destroy and litter. This of course applies to the highest degree when you are out hiking on one of the Värmland trails.

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