Right of public access

Important to think about in nature

Thanks to the right of public access, everyone can move freely in Swedish nature. The right also comes with demands for consideration and caution. The main rule is not to disturb and not to destroy

Hiking trails give you the opportunity to easily get out and discover natural and cultural environments in Värmland. Keep in mind that the trails mostly run on privately owned land that the landowner has voluntarily leased for the hiking trail. This voluntariness makes it extra important that you who walk follow the rules of consideration of the right of public access.

  • You can walk, cycle and ride in nature - but private land, planting and cultivated land are forbidden areas. Do not forget to close gates after you.
  • You can camp for a few days. To camp longer, near houses or with several tents, you should ask the landowner for permission.
  • You can swim by the beaches, except at private plots.
  • Leave the animals' nests and cubs alone, especially during spring and summer when they are extra sensitive. If you have a dog, keep it tethered in nature during the period March 1 - August 20, to protect wildlife. The dog must also be kept under close supervision for the rest of the year.
  • You can pick wild berries and mushrooms, and flowers that are not protected. However, it is forbidden to cut down trees or shrubs, break branches, take twigs or otherwise damage growing trees without permission. You may pick wild berries and mushrooms, and flowers that are not protected. However, it is forbidden to cut down trees or shrubs, break branches, take twigs or otherwise damage growing trees without permission.
  • Bring the rubbish! Broken glass, cans, plastic, fishing lines and other debris can harm both people and animals. Leave nature as clean as you want it to be when you return.

Do not bring a dog into pastures with animals. Especially cows with calves can be aggressive towards dogs.

Read more www.allemansrätten.se

Cycling and riding

You can cycle and ride almost anywhere in nature, as long as the ground is not damaged. However, nature trails are easily damaged by horses' hooves and bicycle tires. Our Värmland trails are intended for hiking. We have usufruct agreements with all landowners regarding hiking trails. Therefore, we recommend that you refrain from cycling and riding on hiking trails. There is also a certain safety risk with having horses, bicycles, runners and walkers with dogs and children, on the same level

In some areas, riding takes place on Värmlandsleder, with the landowner's approval. Then it appears on information boards at the starting point. In some municipalities, a municipal ordinance applies that prohibits all riding on hiking trails and exercise trails


You are welcome to fire at prepared fire places. There is also firewood. Never fire if there is the slightest danger of forest fire. In dry weather, there is often a fire ban. Then all open fires are forbidden, even at prepared fire places. Information on fire bans is available on 054-15 50 15 (answering machine). If you have lit a fire - extinguish it thoroughly with water. You can be sentenced to a fine or damages if the fire spreads.

In some well-visited outdoor areas and at all fire stations in Värmland, no-fire flags are hoisted, when no-fire is allowed. The flag began to be used in Värmland in the 80s, so that canoeists in the lake systems would be alerted to a fire ban.

Nature reserve

Keep in mind that the right of public access is limited in nature reserves. You are always responsible for knowing what applies in the area you are visiting. Read on the information board at the starting point. There are different regulations for different nature reserves. Information about all nature reserves can be found at Länsstyrelsens webbplats.


Hunting occurs in many different animal species. All hunting is regulated by law. Hunting is legal during different periods for different animal species. The right to hunt usually belongs to the landowner.

The moose hunt is the largest hunt. Avoid staying in the woods when moose hunting is going on. The moose hunt always starts on the second Monday in October and is the most intense the first hunting week. In northern Värmland (Torsby municipality), it is allowed to start moose hunting already in September. If the hunting team has other traditions, it is stated on the information board at the starting point.


With 11,000 lakes and streams, there are good fishing opportunities in Värmland. To get a permit to fish in lakes and streams, you must buy a fishing license for the area in question. The fishing right belongs to the landowners in the area that is part of a fisheries conservation area.

In Lake Vänern, fishing with hand gear is allowed. Read more at Länsstyrelsens webbplats.

Off-road driving with motor vehicles

In nature, all driving with motor vehicles is prohibited, with one exception. It is also forbidden to drive in snow if the snow cover is so thin that there is a risk that the ground under the snow may be damaged. The Off-Road Driving Act is there to protect nature and therefore also applies to landowners.

Exceptions from the Off-Road Driving Act apply to work in agriculture and forestry. In addition, there are also exceptions for maintenance of power lines, maintenance of outdoor areas, rescue services and retrieving felled moose.