Biking adventure in Värmland

Klarälvsbanan & Klarälvsleden

Total length

220 km

Number of trails

2 st


Mycket lätt - Medel


Asfalt och grus



Klarälvsbanan is a 90 kilometer paved and car-free cycle path that runs along an old railway embankment and stretches from Karlstad to Uddeholm. Here you travel from an open agricultural landscape in the south to the deep and friendly forest in the north. At the start / end of the Klarälv line, in the north and south, the Klarälvsleden connects, which offers you further
adventures in amazing nature.


The 130 kilometer long Klarälvsleden runs from the archipelago to the wilderness and consists of a northern and southern part - both with connection to the Klarälvsbanan. The northern part, Uddeholm – Sysslebäck, is 120 kilometers long and runs on existing asphalt and gravel roads. The southern part, Hammarö – Karlstad, is 10 kilometers long and runs on cycle paths and through communities.

Inspiration och tips

Here we have gathered inspiration and tips on what you can see and do along your journey along the Klarälven. Discover sights, beautiful nature, places to stay and other exciting things.

the history

Klarälvsbanan was originally a railway line built at the end of the 19th century. It was called the NKLJ bana, Nordmark - Klarälvens Järnvägar.

Do you know that you can take the bike on the bus?

Now you can travel sustainably this summer! With line 600, you can take your bike all the way to Klarälvsbanan and Klarälvsleden.

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