Nature and adventure in Kristinehamn

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Nature and adventure

Påbörja ditt Värmländska äventyr idag. Oavsett om du söker efter lugnet i naturen eller fart och fläkt så finns det möjligheter för dig i Kristinehamn. Vandra, cykla, ta ett vinterbad, pimpla, laga mat ute, spana efter fåglar, åk skridskor, skidor eller se solen gå ner i Vänerhavet. Här är det nära till naturen och aktiviteterna är många.

Active in nature

Explore Kristinehamn's varied nature from the bicycle saddle or along one of the over twenty hiking trails. Here there are nature reserves, forests and seductive lake Väner views. Why not try to ride the trolley at Trelänsbanan from the station in Konsterud, an exciting and fast-paced adventure for the whole family. Or explore the charm of the archipelago. Fancy a swim? In Kristinehamn there are both sandy beaches and the possibility of wonderful cliff bathing. During autumn and winter, mushroom picking or cross-country skating might be attractive.

5 tips for hiking with a Väner view

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Frisbee golf

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Enjoy adventures in nature

Excursion pearls to visit!

Are you looking for a lovely getaway? In Kristinehamn there are many gems to visit. Here are some suggestions:

  • At The Kings reststop you will find several picnic tables, wind shelters and barbecue areas. Here you can cook over an open fire and enjoy a magnificent Väner view.
  • Also Jutviken beach offers great opportunities for grilling, picnic tables and Vänerview.
  • Hult's bathing area - has a lovely Väner location where you can see the sun setting in Vänern. There are break tables here.
  • Sättra cottage The cabin is open and serves waffles and coffee from January to March. The area offers hiking trails, mountain bike trails, ski trails and toboggan runs all year round.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

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At three locations in Kristinehamn you will find approved ones mountainbike-leder: Björkvallen, Sättra and Hultet. It is, for the most part very light and easy tracks, but we think it will tickle the stomach, whether you are a beginner riding for the very first time or if you are challenging yourself a little extra on the ride. 

  • BJÖRKVALLEN (12 km, Björkvallen) Leden har gemensamma dragning som övriga leder på Björkvallen till en början, men sedan går leden ut på stigar. Leden är en teknisk blå led (lätt) med inslag av stigar med mer medelsvår nivå. Utmed leden finns kortare sträckor med grusväg/skogsbilsväg.
  • KRCK-banan This track has several drops and berms and a part on natural paths. The drops can be avoided by using an easier passage. Some short parts of the trail are more difficult, but these can be avoided by choosing an easier route.
  • MTB-leden (8 km, Björkvallen) This is a technical blue trail (easy) with some medium hard slopes mixed with longer stretches on gravel road.
  • HULTET (12 km, Hultet) The mountain bike trail at Hultet outdoor area is a pacy trail. It runs on gravel roads up to the hill Hulthöjden and to the forest of Långmarken. The trail is a blue trail with some green parts and a few more difficult technical parts classified as red (medium).
  • SÄTTRA The trails around Sättrastugan runs along paths and gravel roads. One part runs on a walking trail which means you must show respect for pedestrians. During winters you find cross country skiing tracks here.

Fishing in Kristinehamn

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