Roadtrips in Värmland

Experience international influences with a Värmland finish, creative storytelling tradition, fast-paced activities, world-class art and delicious taste experiences. We give you tips for the best round trips through Värmland's beautiful landscape!

Road trips in a wintry Värmland

Experience Värmland's winter wonderland with a round trip! Cross-country skiing adventures that offer cozy stops along the way, hiking on Värmland's quality-assured Hiking Värmland leads with a luxurious accommodation experience or live in the middle of nature and find the right winter activity for you.

Cross-country skiing adventure in Värmland

Head out into Värmland's winter landscape on cross-country skis and stay well along the way

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Winter activities and peaceful accommodation

Here we recommend cozy accommodations and fun winter activities

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Roadtrip - 3 day trip with luxury accommodation

Here we recommend a lovely hiking trip with nice stops along the way

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David Kvicklunds 48 hours in Värmland

David Kvicklund gives you his best tips on what you can do during 48 hours in Värmland. Choose which part of Värmland you want to visit and get the most out of your tour with animal sights, world-class art and local taste experiences.

48 hours in eastern Värmland

Everything from Picasso and Sardinia to Carl Jan and Nobel.

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48 hours in western Värmland

Proud new ventures, animal attractions and gigantic nature reserve

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48 hours in southern Värmland

World-class art, locally produced taste experiences and views close to the lake

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48 hours in northern Värmland

Fairytale nature, creative storytelling tradition and fast-paced outdoor activities

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