Biking in Värmland

A large selection of biking trails


Roger Borgelid

Biking in Värmland

The entire Värmland countryside is full of opportunities for you who want to pedal a bike. No matter what area you are in, you can find a route that suits your cycling needs and takes you between accommodation and attractions in varied terrain.

Cykla på kvalitetssäkrade Biking Värmland-leder

En Biking Värmland-led är en kvalitetssäkrad cykelled för att du som cyklar ska få en hållbar och säker upplevelse längs vägen. Lederna uppfyller en rad kvalitetskriterier, som att det finns avtal med markägare, tydlig enhetlig markering och svårighetsgradering, kontinuerlig skötsel, hänsyn tagen till natur- och kulturmiljö samt information på svenska och engelska. I Värmland hittar du fina Cross country-leder och Gravel-leder.

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Photo: Roger Borgelid

Unionsleden – Cycling between Sweden and Norway         

If you want to cycle in two countries with an exciting and varied nature in an area rich in close-to-nature experiences, the Unionsleden is an excellent choice. The trail's name comes from the fact that Sweden and Norway between 1814 and 1905 were a union. The union was formed in Moss and ended in Karlstad, just like the cycle path. When you cycle the Unionsleden, you will be struck by the beautiful, varied landscape. One moment you're cycling through villages, the next along one of our lakes.

Vänerleden – Sweden's 6th national cycling route

Along the Vänerleden you will find several cafes, cozy farm shops and fantastic eateries with Whiteguide status that give you a wonderful taste experience. The Vänerleden offers separated cycle paths, low-traffic paved roads but also gravel roads that wind through archipelago landscapes, forest landscapes and arable land. Some of the stretches are already used today as cycle paths and some stretches are completely new as cycle paths and in total the Vänerleden is 64 kilometers long.

Klarälvsbanan – 90 kilometer paved and car-free cycle path

Klarälvsbanan is a 90 kilometer paved and car-free cycle path that runs along an old railway embankment and stretches from Karlstad to Uddeholm. Here you travel from an open agricultural landscape in the south to the deep and friendly forest in the north. At the start/end of the Klarälvsbanan, in the north and south, the Klarälvsleden connects, which offers you further adventures in fantastic nature.

Bicycle offers on road and terrain

Vi har samlat olika cykelerbjudanden för dig som vill kombinera cykeläventyr med härliga boenden i Värmland.

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