Life in Kristinehamn

A digital quiz walk about Kristinehamn 1800-1850.

Livet – Stadshotellet (English)

Make a journey back in time to the first half of the 19th century. Through the quest's seven signs and fifteen questions, you will learn more about a time when Kristinehamn was at the center of Bergslagen's iron and wood export. It doesn't matter which sign you start with, just find all seven and see how many questions you get right. Good luck.

Sign: Stadshotellet

  • Behind Stadshotellet/ the city hotel there used to be a building called Assembléhuset. This building was the largest wooden hous in central Sweden. There, among other things, the Iron stock exchange, dinners and parties etc. was held during the great Fasting market. The floor on the second storey was 4 inches thick, a good thing when 300 people was to dance there.

    During the Fasting market, mill patrons and traders were naturally on hand to protect their interests at the important Iron Exchange. But there were more reasons why they went to Kristinehamn during these very days.

    What was to be negotiated and arranged during the Fasting Market besides the price of iron?

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